"Quentin Joseph Corvey, get here right now!" I yelled, an angry heat rushing to my cheeks.

I held Fletcher against my chest as his wails got louder, cooing to him in attempt to soften him. My second eldest - Quentin - slowly walked into the room, obviously scared of my tone. They know not to mess with Momma Corvey. Especially when she's angry.

"Yes Mum?" My seven year-old son kept a safe distance away, cringing as Fletcher screamed.

"Why is your baby brother like this?" I bounced the baby up and down, slowly calming him.

"I-I didn't do anything! I swear! Ask Ellie!" His green eyes glazed over with worry, but I didn't see any signs of guilt. I sighed, calling Eloise to the crime scene. She took one look at both her younger brothers and shook her head.

"Quen was with me all afternoon while Fletch slept," she explained. "He was helping me pick an outfit for tonight."

"Get your other brother," I sighed, knowing I was not getting close to solving the mystery. Questing went in search of Jayden, dragging the three year-old in.

"Stand in line! Your all under investigation," I told them, my lips twitching as I tried to keep my poker face. We've played this game too often to count do the kids know what to do. They all stood in place, from Eloise to Jayden in age order. I felt bad for Eloise being the only girl.

I looked at the three children skeptically before dismissing them to get ready for tonight with the promise they would look after their one year-old brother when I'm having adult-time. Once I had settled Fletcher, I dressed him in the outfit chosen for tonight and left him to bounce in his baby bouncer, giggling and cooing.

When James returned home from the studio, he gave me a quick kiss before running for the shower. I changed into my knee-length red dress and lined my eyes with eyeliner and mascara, adding a touch of lipstick. When I was sure my appearance was acceptable, I slipped on my shoes and entered my daughter's room intending on helping her. Eloise and I haven't had much mother-daughter time since the boys we're born so I always try to make time for her like now.

I silently took her hand and lead her to my bedroom. I sat her on the bed and turned to my wardrobe, searching. When I had found it, I pulled it out and showed it to the excited child. Her eyes glistened, raking greedly over the red cotton dress in my hands. I had bought it for her birthday a week ago but decided to keep it for tonight. With help, she slid it over her head, letting the fabric fall to her knees and settle in position over her form. I gasped, my eyes moistening. "You look so grown up!"

"Thanks mum," she attacked me in another hug.

"Anything baby girl."


"Eve!" I called, waving the group over. My best friend ran over and jumped on me sending us both tumbling to the sandy beach. Since thay day, Eve has forgiven me with the promise they can still visit me. Even after so many years, you cannot break the Glass House Gang.

"Claire! I've missed you so much!" Even though we skype often, it's still been seven months since I last saw her, and I can honestly say I've missed the crazy woman. "Michael, honey, bring little Claire over to see her name-sake!" I swiveled my head to where Eve was looking and saw my niece running with her dad.

"Auntie Claire! Auntie Claire! I've missed you!" She screamed, jumping into my waiting arms.

"I've missed you too, Claire Bear." I swung her around in a quick circle before setting the ten year-old gently on her feet. "Eloise is playing over there with the other children. Why don't you take your little brother with you so us adults can have a catch-up." I told her. Samuel Jakob Glass ran off with his sister to where my children were playing in the waves.

"Happy tenth wedding anniversary, Claire. I'm so happy you managed to find love through the darkness, and although I had originally thought Clane would last forever, I'm glad you chose to live your life because we have been able to see the darkness Shane was. I'm so proud of you CB," Eve pulled me into a tight hug, Michael wrapping his arms around us both.

"I'm proud of you too, sister." The familiar voice of Amelie broke up our little hug-fest.

"Amie, you came!"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I show up at my sister's anniversary party? I've brought the family on a holiday." My sister stepped to the side allowing me to see her long-time boyfriend, Alexander, and his daughter Georgia. Amelie still lives in Morganville, but is not Founder anymore as Myrnin fills in that role. The only one who I don't speak to is Shane, but no one has as he left all ties and started a new life somewhere new. It's better that way.

"Claire," my name was called put over the beach and hearable over the roaring waves. The sun was just setting leaving a beakon of bright colours lining the horizon. James was stood on our small stage, microphone in hand and making the crowd part ways for me to slip through. When I had finally reached the stage, he wrapped a loose arm around my waist and pulled me into his side.

"Thank-you all for coming tonight to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Ten years ago, I got the honour making this bride my wife, and I have loved every minute since. Now we have our family and I could not be happier. We have been through a lot these past few years, but Claire has dealt through all the tears and happiness by my side and I could not love her anymore than I do now. I love you Claire." James pressed his lips to mine in a caring embrace.

When we pulled away, I grabbed the microphone and took a deep breath. "These ten years have been very busy, with happiness of having our family, to losses like the sad passing of Charlene and Joseph. But throughout the ten years, there is one thing that has never changed, and that's the love I have for my husband. And I would like to announce the exciting expectancy of a new child to add to the clan!" I grinned, taking in the surprised expressions.

"What?" James' eyes widened.

"I'm pregnant."

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