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"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars."

- Khalil Gibran

Candice POV

I had just got home from school and was in a hurry to get the dinner ready, set the table and making sure the house was clean before my father or as I called him Michael came home from work. If I weren't done before he came he would be pissed and then I'd be in trouble. Michael was a big man, quite intimidating, but I guess that's what you get when you're born in Dauntless. For the outside world he was a kind and loyal man with humor and wisdom. You would have never thought that he abused his own daughter. For me, he was just the man I was forced to live with. A bastard who didn't deserve to live.

I couldn't wait until the choosing ceremony that was in two days so I could get the hell out of there. Michael didn't know that I was planning on leaving, he thought I was staying because that's what I had told him whenever he asked. Of course he was not supposed to know, it was against the rules but he didn't care so I had to tell him something. Lucky for me I was quite good at lying, I mean I had done it since I was 10. So after the aptidute test tomorrow he sure was going to ask me what I got and whatever it said, I would tell him I got Candor, no questions ask.

I was almost done with everything, dinner was ready and the house cleaned, the only thing left was setting the table. It took me around 1h 30m to finish and Michael was right on time.

"CANDICE, I AM HOME! You better be done with your chores and the dinner better be on the table."

You see what I'm talking about?

"Yes sir. I've clean the house and the dinner is on the table."

We both sat down in comfortable silence, but the silence didn't stay long. Michael start to interrogate me on school and the ceremony.

"So have has school been, you didn't cause any trouble did you? You know have much I hate when I get a call from school telling me you've been in I fight. Do you have any idea have humiliating that is? A daughter of mine is not supposed to fight. I thought I raised you better than that."

Was he kidding me? When did he ever raise me? I practically raised myself after mom died. But of course I couldn't tell him that.

"No sir, I have not been causing any trouble. School is good, I get good grades and I'm staying away from the other students." I told him

"That's good to hear. Now how about the test tomorrow, are you scared? It's going to be fine, we both know you belong in Candor. And you will choose Candor on your choosing day right?"

"Yes sir, I will remain in Candor with you."

"Good, now clean of this mess and get up to your room."

After I had clean up the kitchen, I walked up to my room to take a shower. I was tired and it was late and I just wanted to go to bed. I start the shower and striped down my clothes until I was totally naked. I got in the shower and let the water wet my long blond hair. I put some of my coconut scented shampoo in my hair and then let it rinse. After that I shower cream my body until I was all clean. I quickly got out of the shower and wraped a towel around my body. I studied myself in the mirror, I was short, only 5' 2" but my bust was quite large, D-cup. I didn't know how I got to be so short though, both my parents were tall. Except from my height was an exact replica of my mother. My hair, my eyes, mouth chest, body shape, even my but was exactly like hers. But for some reason I was short as hell.

I steped out of my bathroom to find some nightclothes. After I'd change I brush my hair and then climbed into my bed. I had almost fallen asleep when I heard Michael enter my room. I knew exactly what that meant. I lied on my side, my back facing him. I could feel the bed shift and soon my cover sliped down from my shoulders, exposing my skin. I was only wearing a tank top and short shorts due to the hot weather. I could feel his hands starts to massage my shoulders and slowly go down on my back. I pretended I was asleep and I could feel my tears start to cloud my eyes but I hold in my sobs. Soon he sliped his hands under my tank top and traveled up to my breasts and start rubbing them. I knew I couldn't stop him because that would only make it worse. I could hear him moan and I just felt sick. Then he took one hand and slide it down my shorts and his hand went inside my panties. He placed two fingers over my entrance and start moving them in circular motions. He soon pushed in a finger inside of me and I just wanted to die, I didn't know have long I could take it but I suppressed an other sob. He still had a hand on my breast while he start to lift up my tank top to expose them. He lowerd his head and starts to suck on my breast while he pushed in another finger. His fingers moved in and out of me as he add yet another finger.

I could feel him shift and soon he was no longer sucking on my breast. My cover no longer on me, Michael started to pull down my shorts and panties. Before I knew it I was totally exposed and his fingers were replaced by his mouth. His tongue pushed into my entrance while he rub my breasts. His moans got louder and he stoped for a second to take of his pants and boxers. Then with a quick move he shift my body so I laid on my stomach and he slowly enterd. He rock his hips slowly pumping closer to release. His breathing got heavier and before he released he slide out and cum on my back. He kissed my shoulder blade and slowly got of my bed.

"Sweet dreams pumpkin." Was all he said before he exit my room.

When I heard the door shut I got out of bed, locked the door and I quickly walked in to the bathroom. I shut the door and locked it, then I got inside the shower and start to scrub my entire body. I could still feel his hands on me. When I was done I got out of my bathroom, put on a sweatshirt and pants and climbed back into bed. That night I cryed myself to sleep.

First chapter up. I am so excitet to write this story and I hope you guys will like it. Please comment, I really like to know what you all think.

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