Chapter 36.5 | A Deadly Queen's POV

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Warning: You can romanticize, this contains no gay. It's not gay if it's women 🫡


Once, not so long ago, lived a beautiful Princess in an all-girls supernatural school, who lived with everyone that looked at her face—though beautiful—with fear. Lee Sisi was the sister of the crowned King of Vampires. Hair black and lengthy, skin so pale the whole of Asia has her as a standard, face so dainty yet red eyes so fierce, and standing tall with her heels that they can be heard as she enters the principal's office.

"She deserved it!" She announced the second she entered after being called for the alleged bullying of a student. Her and her vampire clique shoved a girl's head in the fountain for not knowing who she is. "She disrespected me, don't you know who I am?! I am the Vampire Prince—"

"Yes yes, Scorpio, bore me with your self introductions." But, the chair swiveled around to reveal the Student Body Vice President, Tenneh nicknamed, Leo. She did nothing but smile at the enraged young woman.

"I was called here by the Principal, I expect to speak with her!"

"The Principal didn't call you, or else you'll be suspended. I decided to save you from suspension by calling on you myself, and make it look like you're being reprimanded."

Scorpio scoffed, "Am I supposed to thank you? As if."

Leo, the most admired woman in the school; skin smooth as polished darkwood, hair free as big curly ringlets, and golden eyes brighter than her brightest smile, replies elegantly, "I'm not doing this for gratitude, I'm doing this because it'll be embarrassing if one of the 12 Zodiac Queens are suspended."

Scorpio gives her a fake smile. "How caring of you. I'm leaving, I don't want to be in the presence of stinky shifters like you."

"You're not allowed to leave yet, at least spend a few minutes in here so it looks like you're in trouble and is getting punished."

"Then you leave. Spares me the smell."

Leo stand sup from the chair and puts both hands on the table, leaning towards her with a smirk. "No, your highness. I disrespectfully decline."

"How dare—!" Scorpio was about to slap her, but stopped because Leo's beautiful smiley face never flinched. "Urgh, I'll just turn off the lights and you'll disappear from my view!"

"Good thing you won't disappear then, I quite like the view."

"Stay away from me," the offended Princess growls. "Spending two minutes with you is enough punishment, I'm leaving."

She did, and Leo is left scoffing in amusement because once again, she is the only one that gets away with pissing off the Vampire Princess. But, Scorpio is still insufferable.

"Oops not-sorry, since you're in the level of the janitors, you wouldn't mind helping them out right, peasant?"

"Hi Leo. Try braiding your hair, you look like a microphone right now."

"Leo, you look like you have ropes stuck to your head."

"Leo! Do my homework for me. You wouldn't want a Zodiac Queen to fail a class would you? Embarrassing, is it not?"

"Here Leo, I bought you a steel brush. So you can scrub off all of... that... dirt in your skin."

Still, Leo only gave her a sarcastic smile that means her spirit won't be squandered by a spoiled brat such as her. It'll take more than petty insults and racial jabs to hurt Leo, but it seems like it won't take much to piss off the sensitive little princess.

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