Chapter 9

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8:30 PM

So I put on my heels. I was so mad. I got a call from school saying I couldn't come in a tux and some regular shoes. Like I was bout to be fly. Grrr. My big sister did my hair and all that and she tried to put make up on me but that was dead. Dead af.

I heard a honk meaning the limo was here. I grabbed my phone and walked out. On the ride there I was just thinking this night was going to be fun.

We pulled up at Y/n's house. I got out walked to the door and knocked. I heard shuffling and her mom opened the door. "Miss taylor nice to see you again." I said hugging her. She hugged back. "Nice to see you too Jasmine. Come in Y/n and Jamie will be down in a minute." I nodded and sat down on the couch. I heard shuffling and stuff so I guess they were rushing around the room.

Finally I heard heels click on the wooden steps. I stood up and walked to the steps. A lil lightskin jawn walked up to me smiling. It wasn't my girl so I aint even care. I waited for Y/n to come.

"So you must be this Jasmine. Im Jamie Y/n bestfriend." She said looking at me. "Nice to meet you Jamie." I said shaking her hand. She opened her mouth to talk but Y/n started coming down the steps. I looked at her she was looking gorgeous.

"Baby you're actually wearing a dress." Y/n said looking at me like damn. "They said if I didnt I couldn't come. And I couldn't dissapoint my baby." I said rolling my eyes. "Well you look great." She said kissing my cheek. "Pictures! Come on!" Mrs. Taylor said coming up with a camera. We posed and took pictures.

We walked outside and started walking to the limo. We heard commotion coming from the limo. The driver got out and opened the door. "The others are in here Ms. centina." We got in the limo and guess who we saw. Christain Yahmir Kaylen and Talia. What the fuck.

"Yo who let yall in our limo." Kaylen said. "First of all I paid for this ride. Y'all free loading on my shit. I'm just being nice and not kicking y'all out." I said wrapping my arm around Y/n. "Nah I paid for this shit." Christain said getting loud. "Okay calm down they probably put us in here together to save gas since we only 5 minutes away from each other." Y/n said trying to keep shit cool. "Shut up thot." Talia said. Y/n laughed loud. "Bae apparently I'm a thot. You're dating a thot." She said looking at me. "Oh well you sexy af so ion cur." i said laughing.


8:45 PM

This hoe Talia tried it. Talm bout I'm a thot. Dead. I ain't know I was a thot. Damn the shit you find out about yourself.

We arrived and Jamie, Jass, and I were the first out. We walked up in the school signed in and walked to the cafeteria. They had this bomb ass DJ. He had me jamming. He played a bunch of jersey club music.

The votes for prom king and queen started. They had Gay couples straight couples and lesbian couples on there. I looked on the ballet and Jass and I's name was on there. Jass checked our box on each paper on our table. I laughed as she sat down as if she didn't do anything.

A slow song came on and Jass grabbed my hand and pulled me to the floor. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around her neck. She didn't stop looking me in my eyes. "Babe stop." I giggled. "I like looking in those big brown eyes of yours" She smiling at me. I blushed and laid my head on her shoulder.

"Everyone I hate to interrupt your night but the ballets for prom royalty has been counted and its time to announce the winners." This girl with blue hair said. "That's my best friend that's my best friend. Yass, you betta. You betta fuck it up. Best friend won't you, won't you announce all them winners." Jass yelled. I laughed. "Well here are the 2 prom kings." She opened an envelope. "Greg and Xavier." People clapped and cheered as these boys walked on stage. "Next the prom king and queen." She opened another envelope. "Yahmir and Talia." I wasn't petty I clapped and Jass just looked. "Last but not least the prom queens." Jass grabbed my hand and smiled. "Jasmine and Y/n." I smiled and we walked on stage and got crowned. We did the royalty dance.

At the end of prom we got in the limo and went to a hotel. "Jass why are we going to a hotel." I asked looking at her. "Hotel party silly." She laughed. I had never been to one so I didn't know how to act. We walked to the room and I saw all the people from different schools coming from their proms. It was popping.

"Yo Y/n let me talk to you real quick." Kylie said. I ain't the person to turn you down, so we stepped outside. "Look I apologize for Talia's remark. She don't know how to come up out her mouth to people." Kameryn said. "Its cool Kendal." I said. "My name is Kaylen! Anyway I just don't want no problems." She said. "We cool." I said shrugging. " Ight then." She said.

I walked back in and went back to Jass. She kept licking her lips at me. Like she wanted some of this. Every time she did I felt myself fan girl. I swear this girl will be the death of me.

I was dancing with Jass when I felt an empty cup hit my face. I turned to see Talia and Kaylen smirking. I stepped to Talia. "Why you throwing cups." I said with my hand behind my back. "I'm just trying to put the trash in a pile." Talia said smiling. "Bitch your joke wasn't funny. But the trash is all together with you two trashy bitches." I said walking away. I felt someone pull my hair. At that moment, Talia knew she fucked up. I took off my heels and kneed her in her lil stank puss. I commenced to whooping her ass. I felt Kaylen try and jump in. Then she stopped. Ion know what happened but she could have got these hands too.


12:30 PM

I grabbed Kaylen off my baby and started fighting her. Kaylen couldn't fight for shit. I threw her across the room and ran to Y/n but Christain tackled me and started to choke me. I head butted his shit. It hurt like hell. He fell and I got up. "Bitch nigga." After I said that. Security grabbed all of us. Threw us in a van and took us off jail. FUCK. I wanted some pussy tonight. On top of that our parents gotta come get us. This night is bout to be drama filled.

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