Seven Minutes in Heaven (Kaito x Len fanfiction)

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Author's Note: Yurp, this is not a oneshot anymore. ^-^


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Disclaimer: I don't own Vocaloid. (Or else I would've held Vocaloid concerts at all the countries possible.) Well, I only own the story and my brain.


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A little girl-looking boy in a skirt screamed throughout the soundproof walls. He was dared by his sister to dress up and act like a girl through the whole day - again.

"What?" Rin giggled, evilly in the eyes of her younger brother. "Besides, you want to find a date for the prom right? Since you're cute enough, you could get one!"

"Shut up!" Len shouted and hid his face. An amused Kaito was sitting beside them on the couch unnoticed as he laughed quietly. "Come to think of it, he is ador-"He managed to cover his mouth before accidentally blurting out what he might have said, or he already said it.

"Aw, see?" Rin cooed. "Even Kaito-nii thinks you're adorable!" Len huffed, flustered and looked away from them. "T-Think what you want... spin the bottle already," He sighed and Rin did as told. They waited impatiently until it pointed at Kaito who had to hold back a gasp.

"So, will it be truth or dare?" Rin smirked evilly again as Kaito blinked incredulously. "I'll pick or." Without hesitating, Rin gave him a smack on the face. "Ouch! Hey! Okay, truth."

Rin smirked. "Good. So, do you like Len-kun?" "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAS GOTTEN INTO YOUR MIND, RIN-CHAN?" Len yelled again. "What? I was just curious!"

Kaito sighed. "I do, but just a bit." Rin shook her head, grabbed Kaito's hands and squeezed them, hard. "OUCH! HEY! WAAAAAAIT!!" He screamed out loud, and Len had to slap his hands over his ears to keep his eardrums from breaking. But nevertheless he still heard, "I LIKE HIM! A LOT, OKAY?! NOW STOP!!"

Rin let go at the exact time she heard this. She looked at Len who gave her an "I'll-kill-you-later-with-a-road-roller" look and growled silently. "Now, now, don't be such a violent animal. What is heard is heard, anyway!"

Hearing this, Len just scoffed and looked away, the blush being shown in his face. "Whatever..."

Rin giggled, taking the bottle in her hand and spinning it, ending up at Len, for the umpteenth time. She didn't know which mischievous dare she would choose, for she used all of it - on Len, to make it exact. She was bored again.

"Ya know, guys, I'm tired of this," she sighed. Len nodded in absolute agreement, because he too was tired of being the one to choose between truth or dare.

Kaito had an idea in mind, but just as he was about to open his mouth and speak up, Rin stole his lines. "I know!" she beamed up. "Let's play Seven Minutes in Heaven!" Well, except that he had another game in mind.

Len blinked. "That sounds nice. What's that about?"

"Well," Rin smirked. "First play jankenpon. When two losers are already chosen, those two would be locked up in a room for seven minutes."

"Seven?" Kaito finally spoke up after being butt in by Rin.

"Why? Do you want ten?~"

"N-no, it's not like that!" Kaito could feel the warmth in his cheeks as he shook his head. "I-it's just... Isn't it five, despite the game title?"

"It's seven, for heaven's sake," Len sighed. "Why would it be titled 'SEVEN Minutes in Heaven' if it's five?"

"Common sense, Kaito-nii!" Rin yelled.

"Okay, okay! Sheesh!" the bluehead hissed. "So, who goes in?" Right after he said that, Rin pointed at both Len and Kaito. "What? Why us?" the latter blushed.

"I didn't choose both of you to enter the room!" Rin said. "I chose both of you to play jankenpon! Sheeeeeeeesh..." She added a little mumble. "You probably just want to be with Len if ever you get into that room."

"I HEARD THAT," Len glared at his sister.

"Heard what?" the blue guy scratched his ear.

"Nothing!" the twins yelled in unison. "Now go on with the jankenpon!" Rin huffed.


"Hah, I win~" Len stuck his tongue out at Kaito. "Now for Rin and Kaito, whoever loses goes with me inside."

"Kaito, good luck~" Rin winked at him. She mumbled again but very softly, "If you ever lose, because Len's hard-to-get."


"HAH! I win~" Rin did a little hand dance. "Nyeh nyeh~"

"Darn it," Len murmured to himself and turned away, hiding a shade of pink in his cheeks.

"Er," Kaito scratched the back of his head, "Let's get this over with?"

"Okay!" Rin stood up and pulled Len and Kaito's hands. She was expecting something when they get out of the room seven minutes later...


[Len's POV]

Awkward silence.

I hate it.

Especially when I'm with ice cream guy in a really spacious room. Please note the sarcasm.

"Did you set the timer on?" Kaito broke the silence before I did. I've been dying for this.

"Yeah," I murmured, though the room echoed it out.

"I see." Kaito stood up from the bed and opened the window. It was evening. Around 7:30 when we got in the room.

... Screw this. My turn to ask.

"Why do you like me?" Err... Weird question. Well, he told me he likes me, right? I just want to know why.

"Um..." I tried to stop giggling when I saw his look and his blushing face. I never saw this side of him before. "Y-you're... cool, and kind..." he went on with adjectives most of my fans say, until...

"I just like you a lot. Ever since we met, I knew you'd be such a cool best friend, and--..." his voice trailed off.

"... and what?" I tilted my head.

"Uhh..." he said stuff I couldn't hear clearly.

"Huhhhh?" I questioned him.

"... You wouldn't wanna know..." Kaito looked to the side, blushing a bit more.

"Tell meeee!~" I slightly shook him by the shoulder.

... Okay, I kinda shook him a bit rougher.

"No," he stuck his tongue out at me.

"Aw, come oooon!" I pouted.

"Nooooo~" he laughed softly.

"I'll throw something at you!" I threatened and grinned, looking around for something, though my target was a pillow.

"Bite me!" Kaito laughed again. And as he said that, I spotted a pillow, ran to get it and swatted it at him. "Hey!" he yelled, covering himself.

"You wanted it anyway!" I stuck my tongue out and kept hitting him with the pillow and he curled up into a ball, laughing out loud and yelling "Stop!"

My fun got 5% reduced when he snatched the pillow from me and started taking revenge on me. "Waaa! Hey! Kyaaah!~" I yelled, laughing and trying to avoid his hits.

"That's what you get!~" Kaito laughed and got out of his curled-up position, dropped the pillow and sat on the bed, heaving a sigh. "I like having these moments, especially with the one you love the most..." Kaito's mouth slipped but then he still smiled at me.

"Wh-what?" I looked at him. He's GOT to be kidding me... right?

"Why not?" Kaito laughed softly. "I said I like you a lot, right?"

... Stupid Len, why didn't you take a hint at that?

"U-umm..." I looked sheepishly at him and felt myself go pink. "Yeah... to be honest, I like you too..."


I felt a vibration in my pocket and took out my phone to stop the alarm. "It's been 7 minutes."

"Bah, who cares? We're having a moment here!" Kaito laughed again. KAITO STOP SMILING AND LAUGHING, YOU'RE MAKING ME MELT. Wait what?

"Haha, yeah," I ignored the time and held his hand.

"Hm?" Kaito looked at our hands, blushing. "Oh..." Smiling, he held my hand firmly as well. I was tired, so I put my head on his shoulder.

We stayed like that as my eyelids drooped down.

I don't care about the game anymore.

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