4 Fading Zen

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Louis sat at his desk. 8:59. It was a long day. A good day. But a long day. He still had about an hour left until he got everything tied up and ready to leave for the night. He pulled out the piece of paper from his pocket and set it on his desk.

Wanting to be impulsive, he pulled out his phone and started a text message to Harry. He deleted it 3 times before he had something he thought sounded good.

His phone vibrated as 'Kara' flashed across his screen. He opened the text from her.

Hey! Friendly reminder to pick up flowers tomorrow morning. Hope your evening is going better than your afternoon. Have a good night (:

He closed out of the text. And set an alarm in his phone for tomorrow morning.

Flowers. For Kara. That I had her remind me about. Right.

He laughed in spite of himself.

Back to the task at hand.

He opened up the draft to Harry. He deleted it again. Instead he sent:

Hey, it's Louis

Simple, but effective.

Totally lame.

He's never gonna text back you twit.

His phone vibrated. He flung his phone out of his hands in surprise. He looked in horror as his phone flew across the room, turning his 'Worlds Best Boss' mug into a graveyard of glass on the hardwood floor.

Damn it. Really?

He punished himself by going to get the dustpan and cleaning up his mess before reading the text. The glass was all collected into the garbage, and he carefully picked up his phone.

Cracked screen now. Awesome.

The screen was still visible and he unlocked his phone. He opened his messages to see that Harry had texted him back.

Hey, its Harry ;) I take it you dont text often?

Louis scoffed.

Of course I text often. I just wasnt sure how to approach the conversation. I didnt have many options to go off of.

Eww. Too wordy.

He sent it anyway.

He turned his attention back to his paperwork. He heard his phone vibrate, but chose to continue working on the spa ledger. Several minutes later, his phone buzzed again. He raised an eyebrow and opened his messages.

Ooo idk you could have said 'harry! ive been dying to text you all evening. whats up?' or 'nice note, i love ur handwriting' or 'come give me a heart attack again and break into my spa'

This made Louis laugh. He looked at the most recent text.

Sorry, did I offend you? :(

So he wants cheeky Louis, does he? He'll give him cheeky. And maybe try to get some information out of him.

Sorry young Harold, some of us have managerial duties to attend to. I, unlike you, must prioritize my time and not spend it flirting with girls at frat parties.

He sent it. Then re-read it.

Shit. You sound like a fucking asshole. You really don't text often.

He was about to type up an apology text when his phone buzzed.

Cheeky bastard! Girls huh? Didnt know u were into that. fyi, im busy studying and have no desire to go to frat parties anymore. U must have me confused with my teammates lol

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