Explaining Jollyland

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Christmas (Bonus Episode)
Jollyland Special
This December Holiday: Explaining Jollyland
Written by Marc Shawn Serrano & The Vocalizers

Scene 1: Rogers and Carter
Scene 2: Marky, Gracie, Amanda and Betty
Scene 3: Krampus and Hans
Scene 4: Rogers and Carter
Scene 5: La Befana, The Bakers and Prince Able
Scene 6: Darlene, Rogers and Carter

Narration: Welcome to Jollyland, After hearing these stories, we hope that you'll become a "Jollylander" one holly, jolly day.

We'll be explaining everything — from Krampus— to everyone's "fav."

There's a ton of background information, story-lines, & characters to unravel

And unfolding these layers is only half-the-battle.

Some explanations have been in high-demand.
So, it's time to get a drink, some popcorn, a snack & a pair of headphones to finally listen to us "explaining Jollyland."

Scene 1:
Fireside Chat Part 1:

Mr. Rogers: (grumpily) Bah humbug. Get away from here!
I'm filming. (Clears throat)

(Loudly) Move!

Director: Quiet on the set!

Mr. Rogers: (rudely) Shut up!

Carter: (whispers excitedly) This is going to be so much fun! I just absolutely love the holidays!

Director: (seriously) Shh. Take 1. Ready in 3, 2, 1. Action!

Mr. Rogers: (vexed) Hello & welcome to VS-HD news. My name is Mr. Rogers & I hate Christmas, but this isn't about me. (Pauses dramatically) This.... is about Jollyland!

Principal Carter: (huffy) Pardon me. This is also about *us* too. Don't you know who I am?
Can't you recognize my voice yet?

Mr. Rogers: (crabby) It's the Queen B of Bennett Middle School. The HBIC. The head BITCH in charge!

Carter: (agitated) I'm the School Principal. My name is Principal Carter and I can't wait for this Christmas vacation. I need a nice long bath, and some sweet red wine, but everyone keeps misbehaving. Including the adults!

Mr. Rogers: (accusingly) Hey! What did you put in the eggnog?

Carter: (fed up attitude) Everyone has been driving me crazy from the police, to Mrs Zink, Coach Bear, the kids, and even Mr. Rogers...

Mr Rogers: (outraged) Don't you dare say it!
We'll leave that in the past. Let's act like that ....never happened.

Carter: (sarcastically) Let's just say: things got messy. The school day started really promising, but ended horribly.

Mr. Rogers: Yeah, but the rest of the day ended up really good.

Carter: Generally.

Rogers: (mischievously) Everyone loves a happy ending, especially my (dick) BEEP!

(Sound of fireplace)

Carter: (grossed out) Ughh... You're such a horn-dog. Shame that you no longer can get it up. That's because you're already over the hill and on that downwards spiral my friend.

Mr. Rogers: (offended)  I may be the school bus driver, but I have had a crush on Mrs. Zink all semester long, and now I can't get with her because Principal Carter sent her home early. She's such a cock-block.

Carter: (rolls eyes) His main goal in Season 1 is to get his G.E.D.!

Mr. Rogers: (eagerly) Then in Season 2, my main goal is to be a teacher.

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