Chapter 8

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Luna's POV

5 months later~

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5 months later~

"Lunaa!" My girlfriend shouted while walking into my room
"Girl quit all that damn shouting,fuck wrong with you?" I said mugging her before going back to what I was doing

"I miss you" she said poking out her lips

"Tahani,you okay?" I said seeing her eyes red

"No,I just met my brother and sister and mother..I never really thought that day would come

Now look at us,we're dating you guys and we're the happiest..

No I'm the happiest I can be,thank you for coming into my life babygirl,you saved me from myself and my negative thoughts and actions,I appreciate you frfr,ion wanna let you go" she said softly before kissing my cheek and pulling away 

"I appreciate you too baby,you know I'm here for you whenever you need me to be"I said pulling her into me so I could hug her

She nodded and rested her head on my chest
"What you wanna do today?" I asked her,turning my phone off and putting it on the night stand

"Can we just chill today?..ion feel like doing anything but be laid up with yo pretty ass"

I nodded and got comfortable
"When last you done heard from yo siblings?" I asked her

"Hell ion know,Neyelli focused on jay'lani and Dave focused on Demoni,which is understandable cause I be wanting to be focused on you and you alone" she said laughing a little

I nodded and then thought of something
"We should all go on a triple date type thingy,like go to an arcade and then to the movies after" I said rubbing my hands thru her hair

"Ouu that sounds good,lemme call and see" she said picking up her phone before calling Dave on FaceTime
"Wassup youngin" he said and then a groan left his lips along me instantly realize what's going on

"Demoni,boy get yo ass on from there" I said laughing some

"Damn you stay cockblockin" both Tahani and Demoni said at the same time
"NEways,y'all wanna go on a triple date tonight?" I asked and Dave said it sounded cool

"Aii bet,we can meet up by six cause the movie starts 8 so we'll have atleast two hours to play some games" dave then continued and we nodded before telling him we finna call neyelli before we heard gagging which instantly made Tahani cut off the phone

We proceeded to call neyelli and she answered without looking at her phone
"Who this and what you want?" She asked before looking

"Girl have some respect,I'm ya older sister" Tahani mugged her screen

"Oh sorry sis,thought was some random ..anyways what you want?" She asked finally looking at her screen

"We finna go to an arcade and then go watch a movie afta' , you up for it?" I asked and she nodded
"Yeh why not,lemme guess,it's a triple date?"
I'm guessing she the brains ah the family or some shit

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