3 Fading Zen

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He opened the door, stepped inside, closed and locked the door, then turned off the lights. The room was silent aside from the running water and dark with minimal ambient lighting. "Is Sanskrit okay?"

Harry seemed to be smirking as he replied. "Yeah of course."

Louis pressed play on his phone and the music played softly through the room.

"Harry, before I get started, I'm just going to feel your body a bit to get an idea of where you are tightest, and also I'd like to ask you a few questions."


Louis strapped on his waist belt of massage lotions and oils then stepped towards Harry. The sheet was draped across his back. He took a deep breath and gently placed his hands on top of the sheet that was covering Harry's back. "So, how many massages have you had previously? Do you have a preferred technique? And other than your shoulder and wrist, are there any areas of concern?"

Louis' hands started feeling on top of the sheet as he closed his eyes and palmed Harry's muscles.

Tightness on the left deltoid. Knot in the right rhomboideus. Right and left teres major and minor. Obliques are tense. I wonder if his-

"Well I've only ever had a few massages before really. I had one in India. Then two here in Arizona. I don't think I have a technique preference. Though all the massages I've had have been by girls. So this is a bit new. My neck is tense just from throwing the ball in practice a lot. Just er, well, don't touch the backs of my knees please. I'm fine with anywhere else though."

Only because Harry couldn't see him, he raised an eyebrow. "Of course. If anything I do hurts you or makes you uncomfortable, please let me know. If there's anything in particular that feels good, you can let me know by saying so, or some of my clients prefer exhaling loudly. Either works. Do you have a preferred smell?"

Louis folded the sheet down to the top of Harry's bum. Harry grumbled an "Okay. And I like vanilla or cinnamon... or peppermint."

For my own sanity, let's keep the aphrodisiac qualities to a minimum. Peppermint it is.

He pumped the massage oil into his hands and rubbed them together to warm them up. He started gliding his hands across Harry's back. He took his time with long strokes until he could feel Harry relax under him.

Perfect. Neck and shoulder time.

He pulled his chair over to Harry's head so that he could have easier access to his neck. He tried to not think about the fact that if Harry opened his eyes, he would be staring directly into Louis' crotch.

He dug his hands into Harry's shoulder. Lightly at first, then he slowly increased the pressure. He heard a loud mix between an exhale, a sigh, and a moan come from Harry. Louis froze. And maybe his pants tightened a little when he could feel Harry's warm breath brush the tops of his thighs.

"Was that too hard? Er, are you okay?"

"Fuck, that felt amazing. Can you do that again?"

Louis shakily replied, "Yeah... yeah of course."

Louis' hands resumed working Harry's neck and the tops of his shoulders with more pressure than he began with. He could see Harry tensing then relaxing. Harry's breathing increased in volume and frequency. Louis tried so hard to not focus on the breaths tickling his legs and crotch, and instead focus on the movements of his hands.

Harry let out a sigh that bordered more on the side of being a moan.

Deep breaths Tommo. Deep breaths. Stand up and get your blood flowing. You can do this. It's only been 15 minutes.

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