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When we finally pull back we both start laughing. My arms are around his neck, and his protectively around my waist. Everyone around is yelling and clapping. I look back into his eyes m, and he pulls out foreheads together. I close my eyelids, taking a moment to just be thankful. I reopen them and look around again. This is insane. Tobias removes his arms from my waist, takes one of my hands in his, then starts to walk back into the hall with me.

We stand next to each other as a continuous stream of people come up to congratulate us. After three hours and the entire dauntless compound meeting us, we are told we can go to a reception and get food. I practically collapse into Tobias' arms, and he looks just as exhausted. I give up and sit on the ground, with him following me. Everyone around us laughs as we lean our heads against the wall.

"You know if we go to the cafeteria you guys can get dauntless cake..." Christina mumbles towards the two of us. I turn my head and look at him. I grin as our eyes lock for a moment, but then jump up into a sprint. I hear his silent footsteps behind me, but don't look back knowing he will catch me. I burst into the cafeteria just ahead of him, and we are greeted by more dauntless cheering.

I wish we could just be normal again.

I turn towards Tobias and laugh at him being out of breath. I watch as he unbuttons the top of his shirt and loosens his tie. It gives him this messy and hot look. I raise an eyebrow at him.

"You may be a dauntless prodigy four, but you can get beat by a little blonde abnegation transfer." He eyes me accepting my challenge. He doesn't do anything for now at least, just holds my hand and walks me over to the table with cake. We sit at our usual table with our friends, and devour as much dauntless cake as we can. Uri starts to talk about how we all have 'food babies' which makes me uncomfortable enough to leave. I exit with Tobias, and see some people viewing us we go to our apartment.

When we get there he swiftly unlocks the door and we walk inside. I kick off my shoes and crave pants and one of Tobias's shirts. Dresses make you look good, but they make me feel gross. I reach back to unzip my dress but I can't quite reach the hook that holds the two fabrics together. I turn to find Tobias but he's not in the room. I walk out into the living room look for him. He's leaning on the counter waiting for me to come out.

"You know we're married now right?" I say looking at him with my eyebrows moving upward. He nods shrugging a bit. "You know that means you can come into the same room as me while I'm changing." I laugh out.

"Are you asking me to undress in front of you tris?" He asks suddenly grinning like a teenage boy. He winks at me, and I decide I like the flirtation.

"I mean I guess we are married and entitled to do what ever we want now." I joke winking back at him. Tobias lifts me up bridal style and carries me into our room. I laugh as he lightly throws me onto the bed. He kisses me a few times, just enough so I know where this is proceeding. I push away slightly, and he pulls back looking into my eyes.

"You know I love you." he says, his eyes burning with passion. He kisses each of the ravens on my neck. Tobias pulls back again, so we can talk. "Can I show you something?" He asks intently staring into my pupils. I nod, and watch as he swiftly removes his shirt, then pulls his pants down a little. I'm so used to his inked body that I hardly notice a new section on his hips.

It's absolutely extraordinary.

There are flames that lead down from his current tattoo, that meet with the scene. I see a stone rock with two figures on it. It's the scene of where our spot is here at dauntless. I'm speechless. He looks down at me as I observe the new ink.

"I got it the day I proposed to you. I was going to show it you once it heeled better and I got I finished, but then you were seemingly gone." I don't meet his eyes, but his hand protectively strokes my hair. I stand up, and he wraps his perfect arms around me. I close my eyes breathing in his scent and enjoy the moment.

"Tobias, I know we are married, but I don't think I'm read for that step yet, if you know what I mean." I say pulling back.

"I honestly don't think I am either, so let's take things as they come." he replies reassuringly. I get him to unzip my dress for me, and we both change into comfy clothing. I tell him to go turn on the TV and I will be out in a second. I change into one of his long shirts, walking out later with just bare legs.

"Well that's a site I could get used to." he grins and I don't even blush. I like this whole being married thing.

"So I was thinking I could give you a nickname..." I say getting softer as the sentence goes. He raises an eyebrow questioning me.
"I mean you have Four and I call you Tobias, but has anyone ever called you Toby?" He shakes his head no while thinking.

"Fine, you can call me Toby if I can call you Bea." Toby says smirking.

"No way! That makes me sound like an insect of some sort!" I laugh out. I shake my head but he remains his more serious side."Fine, but if I hear anyone call me that besides you..." he kisses me again, cutting me off.

But I don't mind. We watch a program for a little bit until he takes me to our bed. I snuggle up next to him, my back on his chest. We close our eyes and start to drift away.

"Good night Toby," I whisper softly. He replies even more gentle with,

"Good night Bea, I love you."



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