Chapter | 36

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Warning: the end is near and so is this disgusting gay shít

the day after,

Glory to the scorned queen whose men are dragging a body away from the throne room, after a trial of attempted assassination of the most powerful woman in the world.

Lee Sisi was never supposed to be Queen, but after the death of her brother the King, the chance of her living a free, healthy and privileged life is suddenly gone. Instead, a lifetime of responsibilities and work came on her shoulders. Not only that, but she was forced to separate from she who loved her because of opposing worlds.

And all on her mind were of two people: her son, and this traitor who was supposed to see who the Princess truly was: an innocent lost soul, but instead made her into the ruthless woman of the crown.

Six men entered the throne room for an appointed trial. The princes and the assassin are to pose as Arks as well, The Queen sat regal and sophisticated with robes twice as long as her height. Her hair adorned with gold jewelry, her blush natural from rage and anger.

"My queen, may I present to you, the Arks—"

"Where is my son," she softly whispers. "Leave without an answer and you leave without your life."

What a beautiful woman; skin porcelain white and lips as red as blood on snow. Her hair is so dark, it made her skin look transparent. If anyone should be called Snow White, it should be her.

"My queen," Adan bows in courtesy. "None of the world leaders have your son. Not the Shinji Master, not the God of Nature. Diwa, a Spirit God of the Philippines, abducted your son and framed the world so you will destroy it. The world will blame you for the abduction of their Children, turning the supernaturals against each other."

"It should be easy to kill a Spirit God, merely burn down the tree!" She demanded, making Shen flinch from her voice. She noticed the scared young 'Ark' and found him out of place with the others. "Or are you too incompetent?"

"Your son is asleep inside of the tree, so we can't destroy it without destroying him." What the young man said subtly shocked here though her face didn't change.

Ryūji spoke up, "We have no intentions of killing your son, so we seek help to rescue him before killing Diwa. But, she has the Children as an army trained to go against you. We are walking on a thread and we need your help."

Simply, she understood, and the queen's anger softens up. "I appreciate the answer... you will be provided basic needs and transportation to the Philippines, as well as all of my soldiers. Anything to rescue my son."

Phew, we are successful... Surprisingly, she was a reasonable woman, unlike the legends.

Yet, her eyes are pinned towards the dark skinned male with a fearful look. "You there. Small one."

Shen jumps in fear, looking at his lovers for help. "Yes, m-my queen?"

"Come here."

Ryūji holds him by the shoulder. "I beg you to not hurt our brother—"

"I demand him to come or else I'll resort to hurting him and killing all of you!" She scolds. Shen gives his best friend a hopeful smile and bravely steps up even with the fear in his heart. They're all tense, and mainly concerned, but they can't attack the Queen in her own domain, it's suicide.

Once Shen arrived in front of her, he keeps looking down with trembling fingers. She smells faint like flowers, but her red eyes and armored fingers are so scary and intimidating. Shen flinched when she gently pushed a finger against his chin, forcing him to look up and stare at her terrifying eyes.

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