Eight: Villains Get Bored Too

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Yeah, it isn’t some sort of love letter or some contact number, but it’s an eyebrow arching, mind-blowing, and highly suspicious (kidding!) note. The letters were scribbled untidily on the crumpled note, like the sender wrote it without looking on it. I quickly scan around to see who threw it, but no one’s even looking at me, everyone I see is busy with their acquaintances. I turn my head back to the note, and keep on re-reading it. Who the hell would send me something like this?

          I crumple it and throw it on my backpack, completely ignoring the note, considering the fact that—I’ve read on the internet—Jefferson High school is full of freaks. So maybe, the sender was some kind of a mad guy who intended to freak me out, yet, failed.

          I look at Tiara’s chair, and she seems to enjoy talking to this redhead chick with pale white skin clad in ebony leather jacket. I try a mock cough as I stand a yard behind Tiara, she glances at me and she raises a hand up, the universal sign for “Just a second!” and then returns to her talking business. I bite my lower lip as I take a deep sigh, checking on my wrist watch. It’s already an hour and fifteen minutes since the first bell rung, and the second one hasn’t yet.

          I throw myself back in my chair, eyeing Tiara up with all the anger boiling in my veins. She’s done too many to me this day, and I swear I’d bombard her later at the camp. Just then, a tall guy that seemed to be twice as tall as me stands in front of me, and then sits beside my table.

          "That thing you did to Mr. Sullivan? It killed me." A guy with emerald eyes and dirty blonde hair let out a soft laugh. "I'm Lawrence."

          A bit hesitant, I tip my head up once and managed to muster a little smirk on my lips.


         "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard from Sullivan."

         Judging from his appearance that makes me fret a little bit for not taking height growers, he surely is someone who has the guts to kill a freshman inside the school grounds. You name it, the bad boy.

          Lawrence is about to say something when his gaze shifts from to the door. I look at it in curiosity, and two dudes with caps on their heads poke their way inside the classroom, looking around. After a moment, their stares landed on Lawrence and me. The black-haired one shrugs his eyebrows, and the other one beckons to Lawrence. Lawrence looks at me with a cold smile and then he gets up to his feet. "See you around, dude."

          And just as when he stands up, Tiara screams a “hey” and runs her way to me, smiling. On the corner of my eye, I could see Lawrence glancing behind him, lips forming a broad smile, and then he licks it.

         "You, that was awesome." Tiara passes by Lawrence. Lawrence’s smile suddenly turns into a confused frown, and I swear the two guys waiting for him on the door are laughing. Tiara ruffles my hair but I push her back.

         “Who are you?”

          “Silly you. What’s your next class?” Tiara seems to be having a really great day; the irremovable smile on her face proves it.

          “Values education,” I say, still trying to make my backpack look less horrendous. My hand passes by the note I got, and an idea came into my mind. "Was it you?"

          "What did I do?" 

          "The note," I pick it up from my bag, waving it.

          "Who else would you think would do that?"

          I nod, taking her answer as a yes. She's right, what was I thinking? I shrug. "Guess I'll go"

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