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Sorry for the late and short submission  , Exams just ended ; ^ ; thanks for all your reads and support by the way! You can always request for fanfics in the comments section :3 <3


Bill closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his cane appeared to his left side, as it dropped down, he caught it with his elbow, and leaning against his cane she raises his right fist to his chin, clearing his throat, catching everyone's attention.

Once he reopened his eyes, they were replaced by Joy as a grin stretched out on his face like a Cheshire cat,

"See! I told you this would be great, wouldn't it?"

He boomed with excitement, snaking his right arm around your neck as his left arm swung the cane is circular motions in midair, placing it in front of him again,

"Now now darling, shall we go somewhere more..." He paused, glancing at you at the corner of his eye and leaned closer to your ear, which made you blush "Private?" he winked...or blinked... at you as he uncoiled his arm from your neck, ruffling your head, it felt like your heart was going to explode and jump out of your mouth, oh gosh...

Annie looked over at your tomato face as she winked at you and silently mouthed out the mentally-audible-words "WEW GOOD JOB Y/N" you rolled your eyes and gave her that "Yeah you too" look, you both silently giggled as the non-pines-related family walked out of the shack. You looked down at your outfit and the blanket wrapped around you....right... you sighed and glanced over at Bill.

"Ah ah sweetcheeks, not yet."

Your pouted and rolled your eyes

"Come on, doll, we'll find something later"

He tugged at your pinky finger lightly, pulling you out immediately as his cane disappeared

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