{chapter one}

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 Picturesque, the term used by some to describe the raw, wintry, glacial State. The place Chloe Pryce now called home. She'd been expecting cold, but not this and the cherry on top – she was only looking out the window of a plane.

Her iced over eyes blinked, taking in her new habitation. The wind gusted across the frozen tundra, sending snow every which way. She shuddered at the mere thought of someone agreeing to live in Polar, Alaska.

“Excuse me, Miss?” a flight attendant chirped from behind.

Chloe lifted her hand in a one moment gesture, not able to peel her eyes off outside.

“Miss, are you alright?” she spoke with concern, “We've arrived and are exiting the plane now.”

Chloe turned to her, the corner of her mouth twitched, “Yeah, I get it. Loud and clear.”

The woman lifted an eyebrow at her but Chloe didn't care, she had bigger issues to deal with – like her new life.

She got up out of the seat and grabbed her purse from the floor as the flight attendant stood in the isle, waiting. Leaving the plane quick, it was a lonely walk into the terminal.

She stopped and scanned the emptiness in front of her. No people. Well, some, but not like Los Angeles. These people were slow and strange and the only logical explanation for it, the plane had been sucked into another dimension.

And her pit of dimension-hell grew as he spotted her.


She titled her head of straight auburn hair and took him in, her father; Henry William Pryce.

He was thinner, older, and paler. Of course, he still had his same dark brown hair and widow’s peak. Thankfully, he wasn't dressed in his uniform and she was praying the cruiser was absent too.

“Chloe!” he called out again, but he must have known she'd seen him. She was staring right at him.

She walked over with a sigh and he gave her a tight hug.

“Hi, Dad...” she managed to squeak out as he cemented her to his chest.

He smiled at her with their shared ice blue eyes, “How was the plane?”

“There were these annoying people beside me, they would not shut their mouths.”

He laughed and walked over to the moving luggage belt, “Well, at least you made it.”

“I suppose...” She mumbled.

The bags began to fling from the machine and Chloe hoped hers would be first, just in desperation to avoid further awkward conversation with her father.

She wasn't about to get lucky.

“Well, you look nice, Loe. I know you send me photos, but it's different seeing you.”

She glanced at him, “You too, though you're thinner.”
“Well, we don't eat a lot of junk out here. It's nice to naturally drop a few pounds.”

Her eyes glanced around to see if there was a food stand, it didn't sound like her dad had much at his house. Her luck was zapped again.

Her bags appeared and she went to grab them, but her father swooped in.