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Just My Imagination
1 Month Later

Amanda MorrisChino Hills, California August 22nd, 2018

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Amanda Morris
Chino Hills, California
August 22nd, 2018


"Happy birthday Melooooo" I spoke walking into his room. What I didn't expect was for him to be jerking off... and moaning my name.  I stood there for a second and when I went to shut the door he stopped me.

"So you just gonna watch and not help?" We made eye contact and he rose his eyebrow. "That's all you buddy" I backed out the room and shut the door behind me. "Well.. that was unexpected" I walked past Zo and saw he was about to go into Melo's room.

"Don't go in there- I just saw some... things" My face scrunched up and he started laughing. I glared at him and he immediately stopped. "Where's my son at?" Him and Gelo had took Deuce and Zoey to see Ms. Tina.

"He's still with my mom, she wanted me to come get you and Melo but apparently his busy" I heard him start laughing again, so I smacked the back of his neck. He hissed in pain and Melo walked out his room in just boxers.

"Bro where yo clothes at, stop tryna seduce my frienddd" I stared at the two brothers and just walked away. What the Fuck made me involve myself with this family. Not Ms. Tina though, she's the only acceptable one.

Got to love them regardless though. Plus I guess I'm kind of stuck with one. You know who I'm talking about. "Amanda Get Dressed!" Zo yelled from down the hall. Why are these niggas so loud. I entered the room I was currently staying in, and locked the door behind me. 

I threw on a plain black jumpsuit, with my pandas and a jean jacket. Simple bit it'll do. I also grabbed a change of clothes for Deuce since you just never know. I walked down to the main room and no one was there. "Where y'all niggas at bruh!" I called throughout the house. 

Zo walked out the kitchen with my Welch's fruit snacks, eating giant handfuls of them. "Nigga you gon' buy me some more of those too" He looked at me sideways and I cocked my head at him. "Problem?"

"Nah we good" He held his hand up in front of him. Melo came down the steps, dressed in Some of Zo's shoes, and a Nike tech. I can't even lie and say he don't look good. Not gonna lie Melo's been acting kind of weird lately. maybe its since I'm leaving tomorrow night. 

I observed him as he sat on the counter. "Y'all imma head out for like a hour, then come back and get you" I nodded and walked him to the door. I made sure to lock it, and walked into the kitchen.

"Melo.. you okay?" He looked up from his phone and nodded. "I'm fine mama" He bit his lip and pulled me into him. His lips pressed onto mines, and his hands ran down my spine. "Imma miss your kisses" I giggled and watched him grin. 

"Wanna see the pictures I took of you last night?" He nodded so I sent them too him.


"I think I should open my presents right now" Melo spoke sheepishly do Lavar. We just got back to the house after going out do dinner. "Go ahead Melo, Save me and your mom's for last though.

The first present he grabbed was Zo's. "Really nigga 'Your present is my presence'" Everybody started laughing at the note. The next on was from Gelo.

"See- this is something I could fuck with for real" Gelo had got him a pair of forces, 2 Nike techs, and some chains.  I guess it was me next. "Awww shit- watchu get me wifey" He rubbed his hands and grabbed the bag from me.

Lavar shook his head at Melo and Tina just laughed. He reached in the bag and pulled out a blue velvet case. He glanced up at me before quickly opening it. "Amanda.." He got up and pulled me into a tight hug. 

"Bro what is it" Gelo called out. He turned around and showed them the case. Inside of it held an 24k gold chain, laced wit diamonds. The chain also had a small pendent with his name on it.

"I been hinting at this shit for months man" He took it out the case and put it on. "How I look y'all? I look nice right" I shook my head, smiling lightly at his foolishness. "alright we gotta head outside for this one" Lavar lead us all through through the garage door, and in front of us was a black Lambo. 

"Oh Shit!" Melo Yelled covering his mouth with his balled up hand. he quickly hugged his Tina, and dapped up Lavar, before heading over to inspect the car. "This shit nice as hell" Lonzo and Gelo  watched Melo, shaking there heads at him. Me on the other hand, I was kind of doing the same thing as him but from a distance. 

"Have you never seen a Lambo before?" I heard someone say from behind me. I jumped and turned around fast. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in when I saw Gelo. "Yeah I have.. just never this close"

He nodded understandingly. "Oh- guess what I did the other day." I looked at him waiting for him to continue. "Me a Melo were at the store the other day, and I saw a girl he used to be friends with so I called her over." I don't think I'm gonna like were this is going.

"And I knew Ashley liked him at some point, which made it better because he only hangs with us or you- no offence- and he needs to get back out there" UH- NO HE DOESN'T. I blinked slowly tryna process all of what he just said.

"Damn, one told me sooner" I put on a fake pout, trying to hide my annoyed expression from him. "Sorry Manda I thought he would've did it" he shrugged and walked off. I looked around for Melo and saw him walking towards me. 

We made eye contact and he smiled, but I shrugged it off and walked towards the guest house. I also saw him follow me there. "What's wrong with you baby" He called out trying to reach my arm. 

"Don't touch me please" He looked a bit taken back from that. I reached the house and walked in, him right behind me. "Don't touch you? why" He looked confused. "Melo who's Ashley"

He froze on the spot. "What" I guess that's my clarification. "Ashley, who is she" He looked around the room before looking directly at me. "Who told you about her" He was trying to avoid the question- he ain't slick. "Melo who is she stop trying to avoid the question"

I raised my voice a bit, growing aggravated by the second. "Some girl I used to mess with.." I felt something in my heart. "You still talk to her" He grew quiet. "Please tell me you haven't done anything with her while we were together." he stayed quiet.

I shook my head and ran to my room. I locked the door behind me so he wouldn't try to come in after me. I could here him through the door, begging me to open it, but I didn't. I packed up my two small suitcases, and Deuces, and placed them by the door. To avoid running into Melo on the way out the house, I climbed through the back window of my room.

I shouldn't have been with him in the first place


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