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This is the first Destiel fan fiction I've ever wrote so if it sucks, I apologize in advance.

Castiel Novak hated school, more than average high schoolers did. He didn't hate the students, he never really had trouble fitting in. Most people were either afraid of him, or just stayed clear of him completely. He hated teachers, all types of authority really. Cops, teachers, parents, anyone that thought they had more power than Castiel. Castiel was attracted to misbehaving. 

Sadly, he couldn't. Not yet, at least. For now he was stuck being a teenagers. And god did he hate teenagers. He may have been one, but that doesn't mean he has to like then.

Castiel woke up late that morning. School started at 9:00 and it was 8:45. He jumped up and looked a this phone. He had slept straight through his alarm. He cursed at himself in his head for staying up late talking to his friend that he had been taken away from because if this stupid move. He pushed himself off his bed at went to his wardrobe.

Castiel opened it and search through the clothes in it. He eventually pulled out a pair of black pants, a cut t-shirt that will show the sides of his torso and a leather jacket. He tugged on the clothes and then his plain, black and white converse. He grabbed his phone and shoved it in his pocket and jogged out his bedroom and into the kitchen.

At the kitchen table sat Castiels mother and stepfather. Castiel had a special hate for the latter of the two. His stepfather was a stuck up, posh and rich little bitch. At least in Castiels opinion. To his mother, he was perfect. Castiel ignored his stepfathers attempts I talk to him and grabbed a Monster out of the fridge and jogged out of the house and to his car.


Castiel took his time with driving, do to the fact he had realized he didn't care to be on time. He'd enjoy making the teachers upset because of his lateness. He pulled up to the school parking lot and hops out of his car. He slowly walks to his car and makes a rather dramatic entrance into the front office. He doesn't really pay attention as the lady, Maria, explains to him his schedule. He looks up from the ground when the door opens. He sees a young kid and a boy who looks older than him walk in. He scoffs and looks at the lady who hands him some papers. He studies them over and the front desk lady turns her attention the the two boys.

"Hello Sammy, and Dean." Castiel notices how she says the latter boys name a little more sternly. The younger boy smiles.

"Hello Ms. Maria. Sorry to be late, Dean woke up late." The younger boy said looking at there elder on, Dean. Castiel looks at the boy who's name appears to be Dean. Dean flashes a small grin and Castiel scoffs and rolls his eyes. Teenagers, he thinks and shoves the papers in his backpack. The front desk lady hands the younger boy a paper.

"You can go to your class, Sammy." She says and smiles. The younger one nods and exits the room. "Mr. Winchester, can you show, um" she looks down a piece of paper "Castiel, to Mr. Phil's class." She says to the elder boy, apparently name Dean. He nods and smirks.

"Love to ma'am." He says with a shít eating grin at Castiel. Castiel just scoffs and thinks, yay another cocky son of a bítch that's probably confused about his sexuality. Great. The boy, Dean opens the door and motion for Castiel to walk through. Castiel complies, but walks slowly. The walks to the teachers class is quiet. Dean leads Castiel to his class and Castiel realizes that he has the same first period with Dean. Great.

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