"You did what?" I started laughing at Aaron who was sitting next to me, our feet were inside the water and we were sitting in grass with food next to us.

Honestly what more did a girl want?

It was the next day and Aaron knock on my door bright and early to go have breakfast in the lake. Of course I reacted like any other teenager girl would. I close the door in his face. He woke me up, what did he really expect. He although got me to change and got my lazy butt inside is car which he rarely use and drove near the lake, we just needed to walk the rest of the way to the lake.

"I was young, I didn't know," he said smiling shaking his head and taking a bite out of his pizza.

"Aaron, how did you not know that dogs, do not use toilets," I said laughing still. Aaron just told me a lovely confession about when he thought animals also use the toilet, so he sat his dog in the toilet like a normal human and was confused when his mom was yelling at him when she pulled out the wet puppy.

"I remember when I went to my neighbour house and took their cat," I smiled. "I cried for a week when they took him back."

Now it was Aaron's turn to laugh and I smiled until I realize something, my smile faded away and my eyes got wide. Aaron looked at me and his smile faded away too looking at me confused not knowing what I realize. "What?" he asked me.

"I remembered something," I whispered, my smile came back and I couldn't help but hug Aaron who which he returned.

"But, how?" he asked. I smiled and shrug not knowing how to respond to that and he just hug me again.

They told me before I got to my accident I remembered everything from my past, but because of the accident I forgot everything that happened in those two months which includes my past memories. But maybe, just maybe because I know they are there they just need a little push to come out. I had a feeling Aaron was going to help me push.

"Let's finishing eating, and head back, I think Cameron wanted to head to the mall to go shopping for some reason. I swear he's more of a girl than you," I rolled my eyes at that and punch him in the arm and finished eating our lovely pizza breakfast.


Aaron headed off to the men clothes as me and Cameron walked slowly around the mall.

"I need some clothes for college and I can't decide on anything, cause I'm so nervous," Cameron said looking around the store.

"Cameron, everything is going to be fine, don't be nervous it's just clothes, this doesn't affect if whether you pass college or not," I responded he looked at me and smiled.

"How are you and Aaron?" he asked.

"What do you mean? Nothing is going on between me and him," I said turning around not making eye contact.

"Nothing going on?" he laughed at that. "Even if you forgot about him and every moment spent with him in those two months, you didn't forget about your feelings and like hell was he going to let you, I'm surprised he hasn't stole a kiss from you yet the boy is addicted to you as if you were a drug."

I looked at him shock but didn't respond and saw Aaron coming our way holding clothes already.

"And you said Cameron is more of a girl," I said making Cameron hold his hand in his heart as if he was hurt and Aaron roll his eyes.

"Prom is almost here," Cameron said looking at me. Aaron tense up looking at Cameron but I decided to ignore that. "Aren't you dress shopping?" he asked me.

"I don't think I'll go, with everything that has happened Prom isn't my number one thing in mind," I said.

"That's why you should go, forget everything that has happened and have fun, after parties are way more fun but prom is alright." Cameron said. Aaron looked more relax yet still looked like he had something in mind but again I ignored it and continue walking to help the boys shop.


Shawty's Note: Short but hi, hope you like this boring chapter I just wanted to write something cause I am bored. And like always when I write I get a new idea and that decided to be Prom I mean I didn't even think of it, but now it's in the story and there is no going back.

Do you guys have prom? Have you already had prom in your school? Did you go? In my school it already happened, I'm to young to go but my brother did go and said it was amazing.

I hope y'all like this and have an amazing week.


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