Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight.

Layla watched as the ‘John Porter effect’ swept over the flight attendant. It was like seeing people react to a potent and heady drink or drug. She suspected that like any stimulant, too much of John Porter could be dangerous. He should be illegal; anything that caused the kind of reaction she was witnessing should surely be banned. She smiled slightly at the thought of John Porter being categorised as a Class A dangerous drug. The flight attendant was literally melting and all Porter had done was smile; ok it had been a killer smile, slowly curving up and causing the corner of those deep blue eyes to crinkle, but honestly, Layla thought in disgust, the flight attendant was a grown woman, not some silly school girl.

It had been this way from the moment he had walked into the airport. His height made him easy to spot and she had watched his progress across the terminal with growing amusement. More than one woman seemed to eye him speculatively, as if they were looking at some sinful dessert that they couldn’t have, but still craved. Some were brazen enough to stop him, not merely to speak to him; but to reach out and touch him. Even a little old lady who dropped her bag, turned pink and flustered, as the tall dark handsome man bent down to retrieve it.

It had been amusing at first, but by the time the attendant at the check in desk had almost fallen off her chair, when he had said thank you, it was beginning to wear thin.

“Could you turn it down please?” she said waspishly.

“Turn what down?” John asked.

“The voltage on your smile and thermostat on your charisma,” Layla snapped.

“Turn down the what? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Layla rolled her eyes.

“Of course you don’t. Just cut out the flirting and I’d rather you did not become a member of the mile high club while on her Majesty’s service.”

“The mile high club? Layla, are you talking about me having sex with somebody?”

“Yes, I am, the bloody flight attendant is practically swooning,”

“You think she was asking me to join the mile high club?”

“Yes, I do, and she has other passengers besides you. But let’s be honest it could be any woman, it’s nauseating watching them becoming a puddle at your feet.”

Puddle at my… Layla, I am the man who needed a shag because of low self-esteem. Or had you forgotten? Women don’t fall at my feet.”

“That was then, but now they do,”

“Are you jealous, Layla?” he teased.

“Of the way women react to the Porter effect. No I’m bloody well not and call me Sarah, we are undercover.”

“The Porter effect, what’s that?” John asked puzzled.

“It is how normally sane women start behaving like love sick fools the moment you bat your baby blues at them.”

“I think you are jealous. Should I bat my blue eyes at you?” he grinned.

“No I have no desire to become a notch on your bedpost.”

“I’m wounded I don’t have notches on my bed post my love life is frugal.”

“Well, judging by the women’s behaviour today, you’d only have to say the word.”

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