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Illyria stepped into the underground hallway first, not looking back but aware of the women following her due to their shuffling footsteps. With the agility of something feline she made her way towards the trap door; releasing the latch, climbing out, letting everyone else out, and then closing it and locking it with the enemy being none the wiser.

Illyria moved foreward with a precision that could only be found in a warrior. Silent as a stone she moved, following the sounds of snarling towards the front patio. Even her wolf couldn't've prepared herself for the blood bath she found on her front lawn; rogue body parts strewn around, bodies lay on grass tinted deep red and the few fighting wolves looked rabid. Fur torn, legs limp, teeth bared, blood pouring. Illyria looked with wide eyes, not sure exactly where to start.

'Tris, the pack house, it's a blood bath. Kids and mothers safe but probably not for long. They've already breached the house.' Illyria tried to school her mental tone of voice but failed, her mindlink revealing exactly how surprised she was. Surprised, freaked out, in awe of the scale of this attack. A loud yelp brought Illyria out of her thoughts, the first of the Pack's wolves had fallen and he was about to lose his head. Illyria dived through the window, shifting midway as she landed on the enemy wolf; pulling him off her pack member.

Illyria snarled as the enemy wolf shook her off, turning his anger towards her. They circled eachother, looking for a weakness, Illyria feinted a limp in her back leg and tried to hide a wolfy smirk as the rogue aimed an attack there. It was almost too easy. The rogue dived, Illyria lunged and the wolf ended up underneath Illyria with a chunk of it's side taken out, and a heavy paw on his trachea. Illyria felt no remorse as she put her weight onto her hind leg, effectively suffocating the rogue, and then breaking it's neck.

A loud howl reverberated through the forest, and Illyria froze as she recognised Tristyn's pained howl. He wasn't injured- she would've felt that, - but that meant that someone close to him was. One of the other Alphas perhaps? Illyria felt teeth snap at her tail and turned to face a tick infested rogue. He backed away growling, readying himself to pounce and Illyria stood her ground, sizing him up, looking for a weakness.

Finding none Illyria found herself on guard as the rogue, though skinny, was no small wolf. He growled lowly and she found the heckles rising. With her eyes still trained on the howling wolf Illyria heard the crunching of leaves, not a second later three big rogue wolves jumped out of the forest to her left and began to run straight for her.

It was like a really shitty game of Chicken. If Illyria looked at them anyway other than from her parapheral, she would be attacked from the front, but they were coming straight for her. And if she moved, she had no where to go. She was cornered and the first wolf knew this.

Illyria lowered herself into an attack position, her canines bared as she tried to keep an eye on all four wolves. The first wolf relaxed, obviously smug in the knowledge that she was cornered, but that was his mistake. With the other three wolves gaining on her Illyria readied herself for a leap, and as soon as the three wolves lunged at her she released herself onto the first wolf. Her claws dragging across his face, catching his ear, and passed his ribs, leaving bloody tracks in his flesh.

The other three struggled to come to their feet, but managed, lunging for Illyria as she swiped the first wolf's legs out from underneath him. The smaller of the three wolves landed on Illyria's back, the other two narrowly missed her neck and tail. Illyria lowered herself to the ground and rolled, crushing the wolf on her back. She- well Illyria assumed she was a she,- yelped loudly and Illyria felt her jaws release her fur. Growling Illyria bit into her thigh, drawing blood and ripping some muscle.

Another wolf swiped at her with his paw and Illyria moved too late, which copped her three claw marks on the skin under her eye. She felt some blood drip but ignored the stinging sensation of the three coppery streaks, baring her teeth at the wolf and lunging as he was distracted. Though it was a dirty move, Illyria felt lighter as her jaws closed around his neck, snapping his spine and letting him drop to the floor.

The female wolf struggled to get up with her injured hind leg which the other wolf began to back away, his neck bared in submission. For each step he took back, Illyria took forward. By attacking her family and pack, he had earned himself an easy death. Illyria growled as his hind hit the wall of the house, officially halting his movements.

He let out a long moan, despair coating the sound as Illyria readied herself to pounce, surprised as the rogue lowered himself onto the ground, his neck still bared. Illyria felt a weight settle in the pit of her stomach as her eyes met the rogues. A primal instinct told her that something wasn't right, as he surrendered himself Illyria felt herself lifting out from her crouch, watching him with a sick sense of curiousity; the type reserved for car crashes and freak accidents.

Illyria kept her eyes on the rogue and her teeth bared as she slowly began to step backwards, their eyes still meeting. Illyria heard a twig snapping behind her and a growl. The female wolf, which she had forgotten all about, launched herself at Illyria, bringing Illyria's attention to her, and rolling her over; giving the other wolf an oppurtunity to go for Illyria's stomach.

Illyria panicked, throwing the she wolf off of her as claws scraped the underside of her body, tearing skin and fur. A sharp in her stomach had her seeing stars as black and white spots dotted her vision, but the sound of a a victorious howl from the male rogue drew her out of her stupor. Fucking cocky sonofabitch, I'm not dead yet. Illyria thought, shaking off leaves and twigs from her fur and silently approaching the rogue wolf.

He stood, licking his paw, while the female rogue lay bowed to him; both pairs of eyes diverted. The male rogue turned, his neck exposed to Illyria. She didn't hestitate. Ignoring the pain in her belly she lunged, the second her paws connected to his neck the female wolf howled, and without much struggle, the male wolf dropped to the ground. Dead.

Illyria felt bile rise in her throat but she ignored it, throwing herself on top of the she wolf and wrapping her jaws around her neck. With a twist, she too dropped dead.

The scent of fresh blood was every where, and the pain in her stomach grew sharper. Illyria shifted to look across the lawn, rogue bodies were strewn all over the grass and her pack wolves lay in places whining, licking their wounds as they waited for another wave of an attack.

The wind rustled through the forest trees, the quiet before the storm. Illyria stepped forward but a foreign pain hit her back, turning she turned and looked, there was no wound but pain radiated. She took another step forward and this time a shark blow to her hind legs caused her to buckle, landing on the wounds on her stomach. Her vision blurred as she saw her pack wolves rush onto the lawn, followed by shifted men, carrying a injured member between them.

She blinked, clearing her vision and finding the men to be the Alpha's; the man between them to be a very injured Tristyn. Pain shot through her as she raised herself onto shaky legs, stumbling towards the men. Her ears rang and then someone yelled. A blood-soaked rogue jumped through a break in the trees towards Tristyn and the Alphas.

Alpha Nick released his hold on Tristyn, turning and jumping into the wolf's trajectory, without shifting. He let out a strangled cry as he was slain. Illyria's heart lurched watching the man that was basically her father, killed a few metres infront of her.

Many pack wolves fell to the ground, while some warriors jumped on the rogue, killing him. Footsteps approached from the house and Illyria, with her eyes still trained on Tristyn, barely heard the words uttered.

"They've been taken, the Luna's and Jessah, they're gone."

Illyria blacked out. 

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