Chapter Three - Gravity

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I used the tired excuse and went to bed early. I hadn't planned on confusing myself the minute I stepped off the plane, but it was what had happened. I had my friends back, and the bonds I thought were broken were still there, they had just slackened. Like a bungee cord I'd come back and everything was as it once was. Sort of.

I remembered my crush on Daniel like it was yesterday, I had dreamed about being one of the girls he 'dated'. It's strange to say that about a supposed best friend I guess, but our friendship had changed over the years, even before I had moved we'd grown apart. Maybe my crush was an attempt to claw back what once was, or maybe I was just attracted to hot, but brutally unavailable guys. Back then it was simpler, I was just a girl, with a crush on a boy. The reasons why weren't important.

Jackson asked me about it one morning on our way to school when Daniel had ditched us for a girl. I was 12 and in the thick of my jealousy. He had always made sure I was okay when Daniel disappeared with a new girl, and made me laugh if I seemed upset about it.

Jackson had been a true friend. I had none of those in New York.

I climbed out of bed and walked over to the door in my short shorts and singlet. I opened the door and found myself standing across from an equally sleepy, but gorgeously topless Jackson. I tried to avert my eyes, but he was in my direct line of vision.

"Morning." He mumbled, his smile drew up and his dimples shone through. He ran his hand over his chest, drawing my attention to it once more. I smiled and turned away. "Morning."

Jackson let out an uneasy laugh and walked back into his room returning a few seconds later. "It's just skin Amber, Sorry if I made you uncomfortable." He whispered brushing passed me, now wearing a t-shirt.

I frowned and followed behind him, I wasn't uncomfortable, I just hadn't felt anything resembling true attraction for quite some time. I knew deep down that it was simply a superficial thing, Jackson was kind of gorgeous and it was normal to appreciate that. Except this was me.

I shook my head and walked into the kitchen. Scarlett was making coffee while the twins were tucking in to some kind of cereal. Xavier was already on his way out the door, He put his hand on Jacksons shoulder and smiled. "You can come down to the studio later if you want to have a jam."

Jackson just nodded and kept walking through the kitchen.

"You still play?" I smiled, happy at how little Jackson had changed, how familiar being around him felt. He stopped at the fridge and turned around.

"Yes." He replied.

"For people now... or?"

Jackson let out a laugh and grabbed the orange juice. He grabbed two glasses from the cupboard then sighed. "Sometimes."

I grinned. "Well, some things do change."

"I want to go to NYAPA." He replied pouring juice in to the glasses. "That requires acing quite a few music exams at school as well as nailing the audition."

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