Caroline messed everything up for me, the chance i had with gabi/my life.

''' get out of my office'' i told for the thousand time after gabbi left
'' why i mean i miss you, your mouth and a lot more things'' she tried to say seductively sounding like a whiny bitch.

i was trying to finish up at the office and go talk to gabbi. i know i might sound crazy but that kissed we shared today in my office proved to me that i may have more feeling for her than i tough.

'' you get out or i call my security's'' i said one more time in a serious voice. caroline walked to me and started running her hand in myfresh cut hair. i pushed the red button under my desk for security and in less than a second, she was already being escorted out of my office.

i rushed home in my car, i needed to talk to gabbi badly i was missing her lip her body everything about her. when i got into my house it felt empty.

'' gabbi'' i yelled out.

'' is somedoby home?'' i yelled out again

i quicly ran to gabi's room she wasnt in there. something told me to check her drawers and i saw that everything was gone. at that time i knew what it was to feel lonely.

i quicly ran to my room and used to secret door to go to my hidden camera room. i sat down in my chairs and pulled up the video of 3 hours earlier.

i saw gabbi in her room packing everything. i saw her getting a paper and writing notes while crying a lot and that broke my heart.

i saw her on the camera going into the kitchen putting down a note on the kitchen table.

i also saw her walking out of the door/our home/my life.

i quicly ran to the kitchen and pick up the note reading what it said:

                                                      Dear, Mr Mart bomer

i know you may think I'm crazy but for the last years i couldn't help but feel attracted to you, your look, your intelligence and how great of a man you took me in your house even when i was a stranger to know when people talk about love at first sight i think of how stupid they must be to trust a man with their heart without knowing them and with meeting them for the first time.......i think about how IN the next day or month the girl will be heartbroken.......i think about the pain you feel to get your heart broken........well i think I'm one of those stupid girl because i felled for you, lusted after you even when you did nothing but ignore me........over these years i've fallen for you but with what happened showed me what kind of slut i was to trow myself at you and how i was not wanted and how i could be replaced in less than a second........I'm sorry that i couldn't tell you this in person.......i don't want you to go crazy i get  that I'm not as pretty as all the other girls out there i mean an African American girl like me.........BYE LOVE!

i didnt know what was happening until i felt my self falling onto the kitchen floor......

           [gabbi note PIC on side]

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