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Just My Imagination

LaMelo BallJune 28th, 2018Geneva Ohio》》》《《《

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LaMelo Ball
June 28th, 2018
Geneva Ohio

"Y'all go ahead, I'm staying with my besties" I went to shut the door but Zo stopped me. "My bad I forgot I was supposed to take Deuce so he could meet my baby" I nodded and grabbed his diaper bag handing it to Gelo, while Zo grabbed Deuce.

"See you" I waved and they pulled off. I shut and locked the door and slowly backed Amanda up into a corner. "What's all that talk about calling a nigga over here"

I slowly moved my hand up so it was gripping her neck. I ran my thumb over her plump lips as I looked down at her.  A quiet whimper came from her lips. "Hmm.." I hummed and attached my lips to hers. Next thing you know I'm giving her back shots.


Small Smut Warning

"Fuckkkk" Manda moaned out, reaching back to grab my wrist. "It's too muchh" I grabbed both of her arms in my hands and pulled her up. "Shit baby.." I felt her walls clench around me as my stroked got sloppier.

"Don't do that shit" I smacked her ass and she moaned out. "I'm s-sorry" she whined. I could tell she was reaching her climax by the way she kept clenching around me.

"Baby I'm close" she moaned  throwing her ass back, matching my strokes. "Me too baby" I let out a strained moan as we both came together. I fell next to her on the bed and she looked at me.

"I wanna go again but I'm tired..." 
I chuckled softly and grabbed her chin, pulling her into a deep but passionate kiss. "I really missed you though mama.." I pulled away, only for her to peck my lips twice again. "I missed you too baby.."

Smut Over

"Lemme get another one mama" I pulled her on top of me so we were face to face. I leaned in to kiss her, and when oir lips were almost touching she turned her head, making my kiss her cheek.

"Get off me" I pushed her off me and turned away from her. She started laughing and I flicked her off. "Fuck you" I crossed my arms and rolled my arms. "You just did"

I rolled over to face her as she grabbed some Psd underwear and a wife beater from a drawer. She threw them towards me and they landed on my head. "Put it on"

She then turned back in the drawer and grabbed another pair of Psd underwear and a cropped shirt. "I need shorts Mama" She pointed to her closet and I walked over. It was lowkey kind of awkward since I didn't have underwear on, and it was just swinging around...

I grabbed some of MY black shorts and through everything on. Her bathroom light was on so I went in and saw her in the shower. I wasn't going to watch her like a weirdo, so I hopped on the counter and scrolled through instagram.


I heard the curtains move, so I looked uo and saw her getting out the shower. She looked at me and furrowed her eyebrows. "How long you been in here?" She asked drying herself off. A couple minutes after you got in.

I licked my lips, letting my eyes roam her body. "You finna make me act up girllll" I pulled her towards me as she slid on a cropped wife beater which matched mines. "Melo I don't even have clothes on"

I hands made their way down to her ass. I rubbed small circles on her ass and pulled her into a short, but deep, kiss. "This is so fucking illegal" She pulled away and  buried her face in my chest.

I laughed softly and pulled her away from me. "Put yo pan- under on" I stood behind her as she finished putting them on. She started rummaging through drawer and I was confused until I saw her take out 2 small packages.

"Oh hell nah" I started to walk out the bathroom but she pulled me back.. strong ass women. "Nah nigga, you decided to stay so you gon do what I want" I rolled my eyes and accepted my defeat. I hate face masks

When she put that shit on it was cold as fuck. But she looked so fine when she was putting in on herself. She was looking a little too good. "Come take a picture with me" She motioned for me to stand behind her and I posed.

"Can I take this shit off noww" She smacked her lips, pulling ke towards the sink. "Close your eyes you big baby" I closed my eyes and felt a cold rag wipe over my eyes.

"What up with you and all this could shit man" My hands found their way to her hips and she grabbed my face. "Stay still.." I stopped moving and ran my hands along her sides. I felt her shiver when I accidentally ran across her boob.

"My bad mama.." I mumbled hoping she heard me. She hummed and took the rag off my face. I opened my eyes and she placed a peck on my lips. "Lemme wipe yours off" I told her grabbing a clean rag from the side of the sink.

She closed her eyes like I did, and a carefully wiped off the mask, making sure not to mess up her lashes. When I was finished, I noticed she had fell asleep. Ahhh that dick was good.

I held both sides of her face in my hands and kissed her lips. She lazily kissed back, wrapping her arms securely around my waist.

"Thank you" she mumbled, and I kissed her forehead. I hummed and picked her up by the waist. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, and her head laid in the crook of my neck. I turned out the lights in the bathroom, and went back to her room.

I laid her on the bed and plugged up both of our phones. As I got in the bed, She turned around and faced me. "Can you hand me the remote" She pointed behind me and I handed it to her. She turned on Steven Universe and fell
right asleep.

I pulled her closer to me and she laid her head on my chest. I closed my eyes and found myself falling asleep right with her.


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