Candor or Dauntless

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At Uriah's apartment, we all sit in a circle. By we I mean, Uriah, Zeke, Will, Tobias, Lynn, Marlene, Christina, Shauna and me.

"My place, I start!" Uriah shouts. "Hmm... Lynn! Candor or dauntless?" He asks.

"Dauntless!" she replies cheerfully.

"Umm, ok. Oh I know! Punch the first person you see in the hallway." he says.

"Sure..." Lynn says.

She runs back in a minute later, slams and locks the door. Panting, she comes back and sits down.

"Who was it?" Zeke asks.

"Eric," Lynn replies.

"Christina, candor or dauntless?" Lynn asks.

"Dauntless!" Christian says.

"Give the person you would date in this room a kiss." Lynn says.

Christina smiles and says "that's easy," as she leans over to Will. They make a cute couple. The kiss turns into a huge make out session and Christina straddles Will and sits on his lap.

"PDA GUYS! GROSS!" Uriah yells.

"Aww," Christina smiles at Will and turns around on his lap to look for her victim. As Christina looks around, she sees me and gets an evil smile. "Tris, candor or dauntless?"

"Umm...candor." I say. I'm afraid of her dares.

"What's your most embarrassing fear?" Christina asks. I knew it! If I lie she will know. Is it worth taking off a piece of clothing for? I have three passes left, my jacket, pants and my shirt. They won't stop asking if I don't tell them. If I tell them, they should understand. They're my friends. I'll get revenge on Christina. I look at Tobias and he nods, as if saying it's okay to tell them.

"Umm..." I stutter, "intimacy..." I finish. There's a couple of moments of silence, but soon everyone starts laughing their heads off.

Before I even realize, I start racing back to my apartment. As I'm running I feel tears on my face. Why did I tell them? They're dauntless, they belong here, unlike me. Even now, I just acted like a coward. Running away.

I run into the apartment, and not a minute later, Tobias storms in, furious.

"Tris baby, please don't cry. Look at me," he says as he sits down next to me, holding me in his arms.

Once I look at him he asks, "Why are you crying?"

I look away from his eyes and say, "Because I don't feel like I deserve you, and you deserve someone better who can..."

"Tris, there's no one better than you, and I didn't date you for that, you're the most beautiful, selfless, honest, kind, smart, and brave person I know. Tris, I love you." He replies.

"I love you too," I say as I look up at him. How was I so lucky to get a man like this?"

I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING IN FOREVER. however, now that it's summer I will be updating at least once a week. Thank you so much for 1000 reads! It's crazy!

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