More Problems

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Finally out of school for summer break, so i will have more time to write :)

I wanted to dedicated this to my homie caffeinatedream because she is such an funny, talented and amazing person. She is one of the few people I actively talk to on wattpad. I have always liked people that aren't afraid to speak their minds and she isn't afraid, thats why is is my homie!

On to the story...

Amber's POV

Looked up to see Marcelo standing there with Pepe. I shit this is going to go bad real quick, I thought.

"Amber, I thought I told you to stay away from this asshole," Marcelo said.

"Look, I know this looks weird but its not what you think we are just hanging out as friends. Cristiano has no problem with us hanging out," I told him.

"Well, I do. This guy has been trying to take you from Cristiano since the day he laid eyes on you and the charity ball," he said. Well, technically it was longer than that but I don't want Gareth, I thought. "I think it would be best if you stay away from him."

"No one can tell her who she can and cant be friends with. Not Cristiano and definitely not you," Gareth said to him.

"I am being a good friend and teammate to Cristiano by looking out for her. I don't think she needs to be hanging out assholes like you," Marcelo said. "You're a joke"

"You know what else is a joke? Your futbol career" Gareth said and Marcelo punched him. Gareth tackled him and they began to fight.

"Stop," I yelled trying to pull Gareth off of Marcelo.

"Boys, quitting before we get kicking out. I swear Marcelo you get us banned from another place, I shove my foot up your ass," Pepe said breaking up the fight.

"Fine, Amber I love you like crazy but hanging around him is a bad move. I'm going to leave right now before I beat the shit out of him," marcelo said. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and walked out of the store.

"Sorry about him, see you later Amber," Pepe said rushing after Marcelo.

"What is that guys problem with me?" Gareth said picking up the stuff they knocked over.

"Well, you did make a move on me, you insulted her futbol career, and you just piss him off very chance you get, no wonder he hates you," I told him. "What is your problem with him?"

"I have no problem with the guy other than the fact the he is overrated, he is way to protective of you for no reason, and to stuck up Cristiano's ass to realize the he sucks at futbol," Gareth says. "Plus, its funny seeing him mad"

I suddenly got pissed, "First off all he is protective of me because we are good friends and that's what friends do. He is not stuck up Cristiano's ass he just happens to be a loyal friend. He doesn't suck and soccer, I mean futbol, therefore he is not overrated. You need to get over yourself real quick because you're starting to piss me off," I said. I grabbed my bag and walked to my car.


I got home later to find Cristiano standing in the living room with a bunch of kids around him. What the hell is going on? I looking over and saw some of the players and their girlfriends and wives, bunch of his friends, and family members standing around.

"Alright, kids I had funhouses and stuff. Have fun and be safe," he said sending the kids outside.

I walked up to him, "Hey babe, whats going on?"

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