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Hey, it's Marina I got a lot of direct messages saying "when are you gonna do the new fan fiction" or like "when are you gonna put the new characters in. All I am asking is please wait, It is so hard to manage both school and wattpad I just got a 3.50 GPA and I do not want to lose that ALSO I am in dance now so it is gonna be more harder for sure in Fridays I will TRY to update so keep that in mind. One last thing I wanna mention [i think i spelled that wrong but who cares] is I wanna encourage you to write your own fanfictions if you have wrote one already please tell me in the comments. It can be fun to write cause its like your own imangination [i spelled wrong i know i have horrible spelling] so please write a fanficition or any book if you do give me the title and I will read it.

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