I awoke in a dark and damp place.

Every part of my body screamed with pain and I groaned loudly as I tried to push myself up.

"Lacey I need you to be very still." A voice said to me and I tried to look around but I couldn't move my head.

My breathing became shallow and my heart was racing inside my chest. Voices could be heard from a distance but I couldn't make out the words. As I laid there I thought about Jordan and I couldn't help but cry.I couldn't move and I could barley breathe and the only thing I could think about was my fight with Jordan.

I was going to die here all alone when the one person I cared about most hated me.

"Lacey." A voice said in my head.

"Hello?" I called

"It's Chris Argent. I need you to stay calm."

"I can't breathe."

My head conversation with Chris was fuzzy and hard to make out like a long distance phone call.

"It's going to be o-"

The conversation was cut short and a loud scream erupted throughout the building cause my head to pound.

"Chris." I called out this time using my voice.

It was barley above a whisper.

No one answered and the tears streamed down my face in rapid streams and sobs erupted from my chest.

The pain my body was experiencing was excruciating and it took all the energy I had to get my phone out of my pocket.

I dialed the familiar number and almost gasped with relief when the voice answered.


"J-jordan." I choked out.

"Lacey where the hell are you you're not at the game and I've tried calling you a billion times." He said and I sobbed even more.

"Lacey what's wrong?"

The phone call was failing and I tried to talk but my throat was sore and I tasted blood.

"Lacey? Where. Are. You." He demanded.

"I don't know." I whispered an the phone went dead.

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