A small yawn escapes my lips as my eyes slowly flutter open. The harsh sunlight that forces me to close for a few seconds tells me that it is morning. For a brief moment I wonder where I am, before my memories of yesterday come back to me. My eyes widen as I realize I have to get out of here.

I scan the room I'm in to see that it, luckily, is empty. I throw the covers off of me, sit up, and put on my boots, which still rest beside the bed, before standing up. I take a few steps towards the bedroom door when the sound of soft snoring reaches my ears.

My breath catches in my throat and I stop dead in my tracks. I slowly turn around to find the source of the sound. My heart beats rapidly as I look around the room; this time I'm able to notice that I am, in fact, not alone.

On one side of the bedroom there is the sitting area I saw last night, and on the couch I see a mess of black hair poking out from underneath a blanket. I swallow my nerves, realizing that it is probably Braxton. I stay motionless for a few seconds, and so does he, so I conclude that he must still be asleep.

As quietly as possible, I turn back around and finish making my way towards the door. I open the door carefully, silently thanking God that it doesn't creek. I glance back at Braxton to see that he's still asleep. A smile forms on my lips and I slip out the door, not bothering to close it.

I'm tempted to run downstairs, but I fear that I'll make too much noise and wake Braxton, so I setting for a jog. When I finally reach the front door, I open it as quietly as I can. But, once I do, I literally bolt outside. I do stop once I'm a fair distance from the house, however, trying to think of a game plan.

I literally have no idea where I am. Well, Braxton did tell me we're in Clatsop State Forest, but I don't know anything exact. If I run, I'll probably get lost in the vast wilderness. I do see a dirt road that leads back the way that we came here last night, and my eyes follow it back towards the house. My eyes widen, and I smile, at the sight of a three-car garage. There's got to be a car in there! That's my ticket out of here.

But, the smile falls from my face as I realize there is no outside door leading into the garage. I weigh my options: either run and most likely starve to death in the woods, or sneak back inside and find a way into the garage.

With a groan, I make my way back to the front door, which I luckily left open. I go back inside, and I walk towards the kitchen. There are a few doors in the hallway on the way to the kitchen that I open. Sadly, they only lead to a laundry room, a bathroom, and then a pantry. I finally reach the living room. The kitchen is off to the right, so I make my way left.

And then, I see a promising looking corridor with a single door at the end. I walk towards it and almost let out a squeal of joy. There's a granite countertop that extends the length of the hallway and sitting a top it is a glass bowl, with car keys inside of it. I grab my lanyard with my keys on it with a grin, before opening the door.

A light flickers on as soon as the door is opened, and my jaw drops at the contents of the garage. There's a black Lamborghini Aventador in front of me and I almost die. That is seriously like my dream car.

I then gasp at the sight of a dark blue Ranger Rover on the far side of the garage. Just how rich is this guy? He doesn't look very old, probably early twenties.

Shaking my head, I hold my breath and hit the button on the wall beside me, and the garage door, thankfully, opens almost silently.

Without a second thought, I rush towards my red Mustang, which is parked in between the two expensive cars. I hop in, letting out a sigh of relief as I relax into the familiar leather seats. I quickly put my key into the ignition, throw my car into drive, and step on the gas.

I can't drive nearly as fast as I want to, since I'm on a winding road, surrounded by trees. Luckily, I reach the clearing in about a minute, and I'm really able to floor it.

I fly down the dirt road, making my way towards a gap in the trees, which I remember from when Asher first drove me here. There are several people scattered around the clearing, just like yesterday. And, again, they are all staring at my car with wide eyes. But, none of them make a move towards me.

Until I pass a group of guys, that is. The second that they meet my eyes, they start running towards my car. My heartbeat speeds up, and I press down on the gas pedal even harder. Luckily, I whiz passed them before they reach the road, and in the rearview mirror I can see them stop in their tracks, watching me drive off.

I'm finally able to breathe fairly normally, as I focus on the road in front of me. I reach the end of the clearing, and I immediately feel safer as the trees surround me. I can't help but glance in the rearview mirror once more, only for my eyes to furrow in confusion. The guys who were standing in the middle of the dirt road watching me drive away are now no where to be scene. Where are they? They couldn't have gotten that far very quickly.

I focus my attention back on the road in front of me only for a scream to escape my lips. A gigantic creature is a few hundred feet away, standing in the middle of the road. The light brown animal that I think is a wolf doesn't flinch as my car comes speeding towards it. I pray that it jumps out of the way before I reach it, but with my luck, the wolf stays rooting in its place.

At the last second, I do the only thing that makes sense: swerve out of the way. I swear it feels like time slows down as I look out of the windshield, seeing that my car is approaching the surrounding trees at an alarming rate.

On instinct, I slam on the brakes. It slows me down a good deal; but it doesn't do nearly enough to stop my car, due to how fast I was just going. My hands fly off of the steering wheel to cover my face and I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable impact.


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