Chapter 3 (Dans p.o.v.)

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He finally got home after a long day at work. He got into his pajamas and laid down on his bed. "I don't ever want to go back to work." He whispered to himself as he hid his face in the pillow sighing. After five minutes of doing that he turned his head to the right to see his stuffed llama next to him. He looked a bit startled because it wasn't there before. He slowly took it and cuddled it. He felt himself falling asleep. Only thing he hated about living alone. He had no one to cuddle with except for stuffed animals. Dan than drifted off into sleep. A few hours later Dan woke up. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the clock which showed 3:00am. He was happy he didn't have work later. Because oddly he felt wide awake. He placed his llama beside him and got up to get something to drink. He walked down the hall and he looked up at the kitchen. What he saw scared him. Dan saw a white glowing thing with wings. It had a human figure and it was looking right back at Dan. Dan gasped and ran back to his room diving under the blankets. He was shaking and grabbed his llama. He wasn't sure what that thing was but he was scared of it.

Yeah I know this is a short chapter. I promise now that Phils finally in the story you will be getting longer chapters!! I love you guys! Thank you soo much for having the time to read my story. It really means a lot to me. <3

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