The First Day

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"Oi, prongs?" Sirius asked as the sauntered towards their compartment on the Hogwarts Express.
"Hmm?" James looked over at him.
"Are we supposed to have a new student?" Sirius asked in slight wonder. James followed his friend's sight path, his eyes landing on a girl.
She looked about their age with forest eyes and long braided brown hair. She had a mischievous smirk on her thin, rather pretty face. The thing that caught James' eye, however, was the broomstick she had slung over her shoulder.
The group of girls around her laughed at something she said and Sirius stood their awed. The Sirius Black, sharp tongued, witty, bad boy, had a crush!
"Cum'on mate," James said taking his friend's shoulder and leading him right towards her.
"Woah, woah, woah! Prongs! What are you doing?" Sirius asked digging his feet into the carpet.
"Going to our compartment!" James said annoyed.
"Oh, hey James!" Said a girly voice.
"Hello, violet," James sighed with a cringe. Violet Brown, the clingy, flirty girl in Gryffindor.
"Have you and Sirius met Aravyn?" She fluttered.
The dark haired girl rolled her eyes and stepped in front of Violet. "Sorry 'bout her, I'm Aravyn." She offered her skinny hand to James, then Sirius. For a skinny girl, she sure was muscular, with a firm handshake.
"I'm James, and this is Sirius!" James smiled pulling Sirius in front of him slightly. "You got a pretty nice broom there, you play Quidditch?"
"Yeah, I'm a beater," she said examining the broom handle in her hands.
"So am I!" Sirius said smoothly. "Let's hope you're a Gryffindor then," he smiled.
"Me da was in Gryffindor, my mum was a Ravenclaw," she shrugged. "I've always been more into Bravery then Scholarship though, I guess we'll see then won't we?" She winked at Sirius before walking away with Molly and Alice.

Sirius slouched down, opening a chocolate frog.
"Moony, wormtail," James said sitting next to his best mate.
"What's up with padfoot?" Remus asked.
"There is a new girl," James said, raising his eyebrows.
"Oooooh," Remus looked at Sirius' dreamy expression. "Well tell me about her!"
"Alright, she has dark hair, forest green eyes, flirtatious smile," James winked and Remus, Peter, and James burst out in fits of laughter.
"I wonder how they'll sort her," Remus said, after they had finished.
"Probably with the first years, or after them," James shrugged.
"I'd be so embarrassed, the oldest one to be sorted," Peter shivered.
"She'll be fine, she's just like a female Sirius!" James said. Sirius was torn from his thoughts.
"You think she likes me, mate?" He asked James.
"Oh man Sirius, what's not to like? Funny, prankster, attractive," he said in a dreamy voice.
"Come off it!" Sirius said pushing James. The boys laughed again.

The whistle blew loud and James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter climbed off the train onto the platform, hefting their trunks.
Aravyn was ahead of them, her broomstick over her shoulder and her trunk in her hand. She had put on the dark Hogwarts robes, without a house crest however.
She looked rather flustered now that they looked at her.
She turned in a circle and her eyes fell to the boys. She hurried towards them, stray hair falling into her face.
"Gosh, guys!" She huffed. "Where am I supposed to go?"
"Uh, why don't you come with us, professor Mcgonagall will figure it out." Remus told her. She looked at his face, her eyes lingering not on the scars, but on his determined look.
"Right then, what do we do now?" She asked looking at Sirius.
"We wait for the carriages to take us to the castle," he said.
The boys walked Aravyn towards the trail. Small raindrops began to fall on their heads, they slowly grew heavier and larger until they were under a total onslaught.
"Merlin's beard!" Aravyn groaned, pulling the hood of her robes over her head. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter did the same.
Sliding into a carriage the huddled close together, James and Peter on one side and Remus, Aravyn, and Sirius on the other.
"Are you panting?" Aravyn asked, looking at Sirius. His eyes went instantly wide. "I knew it!" She said. The boys looked at her in confusion. "You're animagus aren't you? I could smell it on you!"
"Well listen up, you hear? We are unregistered and nobody can know! Got it?" Sirius snapped.
"Woah woah woah, hotshot! Settle down! I'm an animagus, too, I get it." She said calmly.
"Right, well, er..." Sirius went bright red.
"What are you then? I'm a fox, kinda large fox but..." Aravyn stated.
"I'm a stag," James said proudly. "Peter is a rat, Sirius is this hulking black dog! And Remus is..." He paused. Aravyn looked over at Remus.
Suddenly the carriage stopped and Filch urged the sixteen year olds out of the seats.
"Put yer bags on the steps and get up ter yer seats!" Filch growled. Sirius led the way towards the great hall, James and Aravyn on his tail, Peter and Remus behind them. Turning a corner they ran right into Professor Mcgonagall.
"Professor!" James panted. "What are you going to do about Aravyn here?"
"We will sort miss Andonovski and her brother before we let the First years in and potter, congratulations on head boy!" She nodded walked away.
"Head boy?!"
"Brother?!" Questions were shot at both James and Aravyn.
"Later!" James snapped leading the way towards the great hall.
"I'll meet you guys later!" Aravyn said hugging all of the boys in thanks, saving Sirius for last.
She rushed over to stand near a boy with striking blonde hair and blue eyes. They were polar opposites, Sirius noticed.
Mcgonagall walked back in and set the sorting hat down on the stool.
"Silence!" She barked. "We will be sorting two new students before we continue with the first years. Stefan Andonovski!" She called. The boy walked up, he was quite graceful and rather attractive.
The hat was placed onto his halo of blond locks. "Ravenclaw!" The hat shouted.
Oh no! What if Aravyn is in Ravenclaw?! Sirius thought.
"Aravyn Andonovski!" Mcgonagall caller again. She walked up smoothly, the picture of calm and composed. The hat was placed on her head.
"Brave and logical I see!" The hat sung. "But then the girl's head is full of stubbornness, must make me say... Gryffindor!" She smiled and jumped down walking towards the table and sitting down next to Sirius and James with a smile.

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