Kidnapped and tortured by a stranger

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Chapter 1

I woke up feeling like crap,my eyes stung and my body ached all over , I didn't even remember what happened last night, it was all a blur  to me ,was I that drunk?

Looking over at my clock it read: 9:32 AM, I groaned but got up anyway.  I grabbed my clothes and  dragged myself into the bathroom locking the door behined me.God it was quiet in the house.

The reflection caught my eye in the mirror , urgh I looked like a mess, eyeliner smudged ,hair in a tangle. Getting a tissue I wiped everything away off my face, it looked alot better .

10 minutes later I came out the room changed and makeup all done. I felt a lot cleaner.

Quietly I walked back into my room grabbing my phone and shoving it in my back jean pocket.

My brother startled me as he stood against my door.

"Where do you think your going?!" He asked

I turned around to face him

"Uh..I'm going to have some fresh air...that's all" I shrugged

He sniffed the air

"...You drunk last night...I can smell it strongly" he said curiously,waiting for me to lie and then accuse me of drinking.

" what?...I'm 18...not 8.." I rolled my eyes walking off.

My brother is so annoying, he thinks he's always in charge of me when he's actually not, my mom does that job. I dont even know why I still live with him . He wasn't much better than me anyway; in fact he was much worse, he got involved with drinking when he was 16 and treated this family nothing more than a piece of crap.

I walked downstairs and  out the front door , it felt good to feel the air on my face .

Suddenly as I started to walk I felt someones eyes stare at my back , but I chose to ignore it , I got stares everyday , I was sick of it.

"Hi.." A dark voice said

Turning around a nice looking man in about his 20's smirked at me but I gave him a wierd look and kept walking.

All I heared after I turned away was   footsteps; his . He  closer to me , what is wrong with that man?

Suddenly hands went over my mouth as he dragged me away. I tried to kick him and scream but the man kept blocking

"Don't try it sweetie.." He sneered in my ear ; what was he going to do to me?My cries came out faint as I started to sob, I didn't want this to happen! I had done nothing wrong and I was already getting attacked.

The man carried me into his car ,and my heart was in my throat , with no idea what to do...  

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