I have never tried a Buffy fanfic before and there isn't a lot on here I don't think so I thought I'll try something differently.

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer's character but I do own Lindsay who is played by the fab Nina Dobrev.

Angel is bae and was always my favorite character so I decided to create a story for him with another love interest, even though him and Buffy will forever be an OTP of mine.

If you haven't watched Buffy you sooo need to!! It's so amazing! 



Lindsay Bennett was just a high school student, average grades, and best friends with Buffy. That was until she found out her friend is a slayer and monsters are real.

Now Lindsay has to adjust her life when Buffy's fate starts affecting her life as well. She wants to train to also be a fighter—a slayer even though that isn't in the fates. Lindsay learns to be tough and a vampire catches her attention.

Lindsay knows her life will never be the same, but she would do anything to protect her friends and family


I'll hopefully get the first chapter up soon!

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