Bruce was just getting into bed after a long day when she came.

She climbed in through the window, as was befitting for one nicknamed "Cat". Bruce was completely oblivious to her presence since she landed so softly on his floor. She smirked at his cluelessness and lightly crossed the room to where he was just buttoning up his pajama top, with his back to her.

"Hey, kid," she whispered, causing him to jump in surprise. He turned to face her and he relaxed after seeing who it was.

"Selina...w-what are you doing here? You scared me," he stammered.

She smirked at him again. "Why do you think I'm here? I wanted to see you."

"It's nighttime, though. I need to get to-" he was cut off when her lips suddenly touched his. Bruce's eyes widened in shock and stayed that way when she broke the kiss.

She leaned in towards his left ear and seductively whispered, "You won't be sleeping for a little bit, kid."

Bruce could feel himself start to get hard at her seductive tone. Before he could say anything, Selina pushed him backwards onto the bed. She quickly discarded her boots and socks and lightly jumped on him, straddling his hardness, which caused Bruce to let out an accidental moan. That turned Selina on even more. She leaned down towards him and roughly crashed her lips onto his. It was an awkward kiss at first since Bruce had no experience kissing whatsoever besides the little one they shared a couple nights before. After a bit though, he learned to just let her take the lead and put his hands on her waist, lifting up her jacket and shirt slightly to gently rub the smooth skin underneath.

She sucked his lower lip into her mouth and gently sucked on it, with the occasional nibble here and there. He was so caught up in the pleasure that he forgot to breathe for a while and she could hear him inhale heavily through his nose, which Selina thought was cute.

Eventually, she let go of his lower lip and he surprised her by instantly going back to her lips, this time licking them, asking for entrance. She opened her mouth enough to let him go inside. The result was absolute heaven for both of them. She met his tongue with her own and they danced together for the longest time before Bruce did something else. Selina felt his hands slide down from her waist to her butt, gripping it softly, as if nervous to do so. She purred a bit to let him know it was okay. She could feel his hands tighten on her hips as he kneaded the flesh through her pants with his hands.

By this point he was completely hard. Bruce wasn't necessarily "big" since he wasn't done developing yet, but he still topped off at a little over four inches in length.

Without breaking the very heated kiss they were sharing, Selina proceeded to unbutton Bruce's pajama top. Realization suddenly hitting him, Bruce reluctantly broke the kiss, much to Selina's disappointment.

"Wait," he gasped, warm breath touching his face as they both breathed heavily. "I never...I don't..."

Selina could see his cheeks turning red in embarrassment, her eyesight aided by the moonlight streaming through the window that helped brighten up the room a little. She smiled sweetly and pecked his lips, reassuring him, whispering, "Don't worry. I'll guide you through it. Just relax and let me do the work until your instincts take over."

Bruce greatly appreciated her soothing words and exhaled heavily in relief, nodding. Selina again went back to his lips, but this time she thrust her tongue into his mouth, exploring every crevice she could find, tongue running over his teeth as his tongue coiled around hers. She went back to unbuttoning him. When the last button was undone, he helped her slip the shirt off and onto the floor.

Bruce's torso was mesmerizing for Selina. She wasted no time gliding her hands across his back and sides. She broke the kiss to stare at his chest. Despite being skinny, Bruce's torso was well defined and would turn any girl her age on. She then bent down a bit to kiss his chest lightly, trailing kisses down his chest and stopped at his belly button and left a big, wet kiss there, causing Bruce to moan a bit.

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