Chapter 18 "Pieces in Play"

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The City State of New Lazlo


Founded in the year 52 PA the City State of New Lazlo began as an archeological expedition from the Free State of Lazlo on the bones of the ruins of Anna Arbor. Tangentially a colony of the larger nation for many decades, New Lazlo officially declared it's independence in 91 PA. The declaration was followed by the Lin Treaty, which sealed the political, cultural, and military alliance between the two Lazlo's. Since its birth, New Lazlo has become a haven for free thinkers, academics, and people of all races.


            - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


"She will rise from the masses to defend the world from the return of an ancient evil. A girl out of time and far from home, she will shine like the phoenix and in her bringing will clear the way for all the free people."


            - The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker


City State of New Lazlo

Home Of Liana & Raynott Lin

            "It's a pleasure to have you in our home Master Grell," Liana Lin said from her seat in the bright solarium. "Too many years have passed since you graced our fair city."

            "I thank you for your hospitality Lady Liana," Grell responded from his own comfortable seat. "I regret my visit could not have been under better circumstances."

            "You should return in the fall when the apples are harvested," Raynott Lin, Steward of the third Ward, said entering the solarium. Before taking his seat he crossed the open space and kissed his wife on the cheek.

            "I have been here in the fall," Grell replied nodding, "the smell is intoxicating."

            "So," Raynott said taking his seat, "Khyber was insistent we meet immediately."

            "Yes, he was quite eager to get us together," Grell agreed.

            "Are the things you said in chambers true?" Raynott asked. "Or were you exaggerating in hopes of forcing our hands?"

            "I do not exaggerate," Grell said coolly.

            "I mean no offense Master Grell," Raynott said raising a placating hand. "But if I'm going to push this with the Chief Steward I need to be sure."

            "My prize pupil is a gifted seer on top of being a skilled wizard," Grell said gravely. "He has seen what is coming and I believe all of it. He opened his mind to me and allowed me to see all of it. The time of the storm has arrived and if we don't work together we will all be doomed."

            "Master Grell," Liana interrupted, "why did you not take this before the Congress and Council of Lazlo?"

            "I did Lady Liana," the ancient Wolfen sighed. "With the tensions on the Quebec border ratcheting up the government is slow to make a decision on this matter. I fear by the time they realize the magnitude of the threat it will be too late."

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