Chapter 4

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His tender and warm lips melted against mine like marshmallows. My eyes flickered like twinkling stars and his mouth swallows my lips for a split second before slipping away. Hanging his head on my shoulder and slouching down, I quickly grabbed his arms to keep him from falling.

"Y-Yoshitaka!" I called.

He was asleep. Snoring away, he slept on my shoulder. I didn't know what to do in that instance. I didn't know here he lived and it would be awkward and suspicious dragging him to my apartment. But I didn't want to leave him out here and especially if he's drunk, which I assumed he was. Without any further thoughts, I pulled his arms over my back shoulders and dragged him back to my place. It felt a bit rude to say but he was quite heavy.

Reaching my little apartment, I carried him inside and tried taking off his shoes after mine. Taking him to my bed, I carefully placed the shopping bags on the table and dropped him onto the fluffy bed. He rolled on the bed with his arms slightly spread out. Letting out a breath, I took off my sweatshirt and changed into a T-shirt and shorts after putting the grocery away.

"Where am I going to sleep?" I asked myself as I gawked at the situation.

Carefully crawling onto the bed, I tried taking off his jacket in case he felt uncomfortable. Miraculously I managed to slip it off without waking him. Next I placed my hands on his tie and loosened it. Unbuttoning two of his buttons from his dress shirt it suddenly occurred to me that this didn't seem right.

"It feels like I'm doing something dirty..." I mumbled.

Feeling embarrassed by my own actions, I stopped what I was doing and told myself that this was good enough. I thought that I should just sleep on the floor and get a pillow for it. Looking back at the tired Yoshitaka, I tugged the blanket underneath him to cover him. His weight added on top did not make the blanket budge. Leaning in a bit closer, I pulled the blanket down but then his arms suddenly groped around me. My body fell aligned next to him and he snuggled his face closer to mine. His lips smothered against the top of my bare head and his breath blew my little hair back. My face burned hot as my chest began thumping like crazy. He grumbled in his sleep as he cuddled tighter; wrapping his arms around my back and our legs intertwined with his waist area just millimeters away from coming in contact with mine. My mind became jumbled as I didn't know what to do.

Hesitantly glancing up at his sleeping face, it looked so comfortable I might've drooled. His scent was addicting like catnip as his body wrapped warmth and comfort around me. Slowly I carefully drifted my left arm around his back and clung onto his shirt. After staying in this position for a while, I feel into a sweet slumber.


Yoshitaka opened his eyes half way and the end of his lips curled up. A little laugh secretly escaped from his lips and he snuggled against the person he was holding. Gently running his hand through their hair, he placed his warm lips on their forehead.

"Sweet dreams."

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