You Had Me At Hello (An AmazingPhil fanfiction)

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Hey! So I'm starting this new fan-fiction. It's mainly an AmazingPhil story but with a little romance for danisnotonfire and KickThePJ too :) I'm not sure where exactly this story will go but it writes itself as any good writer will understand! So enjoy! Sorry it's short :)


Phil's POV 

I hated Dan sometimes. And PJ. Well I didn't hate them but I hated the attention they got. I mean I knew they were better looking than me but it still got to me when girls came up wanting pictures and the only reason I seemed to be there was to take the pictures. It wasn't as bad when Chris was with us as he fell into the same category as me. The 'less attractive' one. Not he wasn't attractive, he was good looking but it was a fact people seemed to prefer Dan or Peej. But unfortunately he was out somewhere doing something interesting. And now I was left wandering through London by myself.

I glanced around the park I found myself in and took a seat at the nearest empty bench to wallow in my own self-pity. I don't think Dan or PJ would notice I'd left. When I walked off there were at least 20 girls around them wanting pictures and none of them had even looked at me.

'Um Phil?' I heard a quiet voice say. 

'Sorry Dan isn't with me,' I replied spitefully. As I said it I lifted my head. The girl standing in front of me was pretty cute. She looked about 17 and had black-brown hair which fell in messy waves just below her shoulders. She had on a black skirt and top with a belt, tights and studded boots. It wasn't anything spectacular but she looked good. 

'Um I wasn't going to ask if Dan was here,' she said, biting her lip 'I came to see if you were alright,'  

'I'm great, why wouldn't I be?' I replied with a touch of sarcasm. 

'Well if you're great why are you sat alone on a bench being moody?' 

'I am not being moody,' I snapped 

'If you say so,' she grinned, taking a seat next to me. 

I don't know what was up with me. Why was I snapping at an innocent, pretty girl who was showing me some attention. I really needed to just breathe.

'So then mystery girl, how do you know my name?' I asked her. 

'My friends love YouTubers. They're currently out stalking Dan and PJ,' she giggled  

'Of course, I take it they're their favourites right?' I sighed  

'Yeah -' she was cut off by her phone starting to ring.  

'Obviously. I'm never anyone's favourite,' I muttered under my breath,

'Hi Heather,' she said down the phone. I could here some hysterical screaming down the phone so I could only assume that these were her friends. As she spoke to them I studied her face more close-up. Her eyes were dark-chocolatey brown and lined with thick black eyelashes, making her face look innocent and younger than she probably was. Her lips were full and dark-red which looked good in contrast to her clear skin.  

'Okay, see you soon,' she said, hanging up. 

'Well my friends were wondering where I'd gone so I'd better get back now. It was nice speaking to you Phil,' she smiled, standing up. She turned back just before she walked away. She leant down and put her lips to my ear. 

'And you're my favourite,' she whispered, pressing her lips to my cheek before walking away.

It was a few seconds before I even registered that she left. I was still a little shocked by the kiss. That's when I realised I might not see here again. I'm guessing that's the reason i set off running after her. I didn't even know her name. I could see her just ahead of me so I sped up. I felt like I was never going to reach her and I certainly didn't have the breathe to shout. God I was so unfit! So that's why I was so grateful when she stopped to fasten her boots back up. I caught up to her and had a few seconds to catch my breath before she stood up and saw me. 

'Oh hi,' she said, looking puzzled 'Did I leave something?'  

'Nope I just realised I didn't get your name,' 

'Its Emylee. And you ran after just to get my name?' She asked  

''Well I was also going to ask for you number,' I said slowly  

'Hm I don't give my number out to strangers,' she teased  

'But you know who I am,' I pointed out. 

'Well how about if I see you again, i'll give you it?' She winked. 

'But I probably won't see you again,' I sighed  

'But there is a possibility. Anyway I really need to go,' she said, setting off walking again. This time, I matched my pace to hers. 

'Still here?' She laughed  

'I don't think it's safe for a pretty girl like yourself to be walking through London by herself,' I charmed and I saw a light pink blush spread across her cheeks as she stared at the ground. 'So where are you meeting your friends?' 

'Just where we were before. Our hotel is only a few minutes walk from there,' she smiled  

'Okay, I reckon Dan and PJ are somewhere around there too,' I thought out loud. The walk wasn't a long one but I spent most of it debating whether or not to invited her to tonight's party. Finally, I decided I might as well, if not i wouldn't see her again and then I definitely wouldn't get her number.  

'So what have you got planned for the next few days?' I asked  

'Well I'm in London for the next two weeks. My friend Amelia is doing some photography shots down here for her portfolio so I thought I'd keep her company. But I don't have anything to do while I'm here,' she told me. 

'Well do you fancy coming to a party tonight? My mate Chris is having one in his new flat,' I said, trying not to get my hopes up.  

'Well I don't know, I'd feel bad leaving my friends,' she apologised. 

'They can come!' I insisted, if I'm honest I just wanted to see her again.  

'If you're sure...' She trailed off. 

'I am. The more the merrier right?'  

'Alright, I'll come, but we'll probably get lost on the way,' she laughed. 

'I can meet you at your hotel if you want?' I asked, praying for a yes. 

'Its not out of your way is it?' She checked  

'Of course not! I'll meet you at 6?' I confirmed  

'But you don't even know my hotel yet,' she pointed out. 

'You can text me it,' I winked and she sighed.  

'Give me your phone then,' I handed it to her and she put her number in. We had just reached the square we were in before. She glanced round before spotting her friends and instantly making her way over to them. I'm not gonna lie, I felt pretty rejected that I didn't even get a goodbye. I had just unlocked my phone to numerous missed calls and texts from Dan and PJ when I felt arms around my waist. I looked up and saw Emylee grinning.  

'Sorry, I forgot to say bye!' She laughed. I hadn't realised how short she was, probably about 5'5. I hugged her back and she pulled me down a bit to plant another kiss on my cheek.  

'Bye babe! Text me!' She waved as she skipped over to two girls stood together across the road. I smiled to myself as I went to find the lads, thinking back to those two kisses.

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