Suzume's POV

   I didn't get a minute of sleep last night. I just was laying there awake until dawn, when I got up to find Gaara having a glass of water.

   "Hey, guys," Kankuro greeted. "Geez, Suzume! Sleep much?" He must have seen my exhausted face.

   I groaned. "No, I didn't get any sleep at all last night." Gaara gave me a concerned look. 

   Kankuro rummaged theough the fridge. "Well, we're going home today, whether you like it or not, so get your act together." 

* * *  

   Once we left for Suna, I wasn't as tired, though I hoped this whole no sleeping thing is a one time deal. On the way out, we had to stop, because Kankuro needed a part for one of his puppets. Gaara and Temari went with him inside, and I waited outside. While alone, I saw Kakashi talking with Gai.

   "The mission was unsuccessful," Kakashi said.

   "Yes, but they did take down five of tge Sound Village's most powerful ninja," Gai replied.

   "You're forgetting the most important part. Yes, they took down those ninja, but Lady Hokage had to send reinforcements from the Sand Village. And Sasuke wasn't brought back to the village." Kakashi holds his book up and starts reading it. After a few seconds, he looked over at me. "Oh, hi, Suzume."

   I walked towards the two. "Hi," I said.

   Gai rests a hand on my shoulder. Awkward... "Well if it isn't Suzume! Lee told me all about how he met up with you."

   I managed a half smile. "Yeah, Fumiko suggested he came to see you when he came back." I heard a door creak open, and my three siblings returned outside. "I beed to return to my village now." I said quickly, returning back to Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. I waved goodbye to the two jonin, Gai waved back, but Kakashi was already buried in his book.

   "Let's go," Gaara murmured, and we took off into the distance.

* * * 

???'s POV

   "Lord Kazekage, are you sure about this?"

   He nodded. "Yes," he said, gazing out the window. "It's been far too long. She's becoming too strong for the village. I never thought two of the four of my children are monsters." He sighed. "Kill Suzume now."

   "Yes, my Lord."

   "But you mustn't make her bleed, or Gaara will sense her. It must be a quick and silent assasination."

* * * 

Suzume's POV

   We ran until the sun went down. Once Temari and Kankuro grew tired, we stopped to take a rest. The two of them of them chose to rest on the ground, Gaara would keep gaurd on the ground, and I was going to rest in a tree.

   I was staring to drift off, until I heard a sudden rustle in the leaves. The moonlight made a small piece of metal glint.

   A Sand Village Symbol.

   Were they looking for Gaara? I used my chakra to sharpen my hearing. "Quickly and silently, do not draw blood, and stay away from Gaara."

   Yeah, they're looking for me. My heart raced, as I remembered something Gaara said to Shikamaru and Naruto.

   "Those who are too strong are apt to become feared."

   Was I too strong? I couldn't be! I'm not nearly as strong as Gaara. Were they watching the fight with Kimimaro? Rising to my feet, I ran as far away as I could from Gaara, my wind kept sealed. He didn't notice, as his back was turned to me.

   Various kunai and shuriken flew at me, being blown back by my wind shield. After a few minutes, I approached a clearing, where I could manipulate air without making so much noise. Three masked Sand ninja appeared in front of me, and proceeded to throw shuriken and paper bombs at me. I had to dodge the paper bombs that exploded, because my wind doesn't do well against fire. It's one of my only weaknesses.

   "I've had enough of you!" I muttered. Removing the plug from my tube, I let the air flow out. I made an air bubble around myself to protect me, and walked slowly toward the three. With a single hand sign, I enclosed the three of them in a bubble. "I'd really rather not kill you." I began. "It's not how I roll."

   The looks of the three were still awfully hostile. I'm going to guess and say Father sent them to annihilate me. "Tell my Father I said hi," I said, releasing them. As expected, they came at me with great force.

   "Ninja art: wind scythe jutsu!" One said. With a sigh, my wind blocked it.

   I must say, you're quite boring."  Taking the wind from the bubble, I made it envelop my left arm, and I held the three against a tree. "Go back to the village if you want to live!" I threatened, before dropping them onto the ground. One started flipping out, and ran away, leaving two more to deal with.

   One stepped forward. "We were given a mission by Lord Kazekage, and we must follow orders!"

   I sighed. "Fine, just keep in mind I really don't want to hurt you two. You've been warned." I paused for a second, letting one of them attack. They attacked with water style: one thousand needles. I caught a few of the needles, making an orb of air  surrounding them. This is pretty cool!

   Using the orbs of water, I launched them at the ninja, the spatters of water reflecting the moonlight. The mini water bombs didn't stop the attackers, though. Making a hand sign, I made a sweeping motion with my arm, and sent an wind blade slicing through the air. It knocked the two of them back.

   Stop going easy on them, Suzume!


   I sighed, and made a few hand signs. Air covering my hands and feet, I started to punch and kick the two with the wind copies.. When I found they were trying to escape, I let them go, and they disappeared, and didn't return.

   Returning to our campout site, I climbed back up a tree, and tried to sleep. But I couldn't.

   You should have killed him!

   Well SORRY!

   Idiots these days...

   Geez. You're harsh.

   I was just laying there for the rest of the night. Great. 2 nights without sleep. When the sun came up, I heard the grass rustle as Temari and Kankuro woke up. I pretended to wake up, stretching. Jumping down from  a tree branch, I Temari greeted me. "Sleep good?" She asked.

   "Yeah," I lied. Gaara shot me a look. He must have known.

   "We should get going if we want to return to the village today," Gaara said quietly. "Let's go."

   I nodded, and we left our campout spot, quickly making our way back to Suna.

* * *

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