£ Down Stair

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When i got down stairs i went to the kitchen got a poptart and my arizona half and half its my favorite then sat on the couch the guys were watching some tv show i think it was called ridiculousness. Then jc walks down and sits next to me and says out loud guys me and trinity have to tell you something. They all said in unison what is it Caylen. So i go sit on Jc's lap andhe say me and trinity are dating. They all say ok but that means we need a new girl. We already have a girl we were gonna get her anyways but this makes it easier her names Maya. She will be here next week since you and Jc are dating can you and him share a room we need a room for maya said Kian. We both looked at eachothe Jc said i dont care babe its up to you, i said ok ......

Ill update soon

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