We began with our original song 'Slaughterhouse' and it went perfectly I was so fucking happy. Then we played another original song called 'Close to the edge'. Then I looked up to the balcony where asking alexandria were playing and smiled again. We burst out into 'Run Free' by Asking Alexandria, and all throughout the song I was looking up at the band trying to gauge their reaction. They seemed to like it. I looked over at Andy standing side stage and winked, that was when we started 'Coffin' by BVB and it went so well. I could see Andy cheering from where he stood. Then we played two more original songs, 'Your my only' and 'Fearless'. "Ok can we have some quiet for a sec please," I said and all the fans were silent, "we're gonna play a cover of an amzing song that I personally relate to so much and I think some of you will know it so sing along if you do." I looked up to the balcony and winked, that was when we started playing 'Someone somewhere' by Asking Alexandria. At the end I heard someone shout "That was fucking amazing!" I looked up and saw that the Danny Worsnop was the one who shouted. I laughed and said thanks. "Well everyone this is our last song, it's a cover again and it's something everyone should believe, especially two guys sat up there," I said pointing to Jayy and Dahvie, "this is Success Is The Best Revenge, obviously by the amazing Blood On The Dancefloor!" I yelled before the music started. As i sang the last word, everyone in the room was shouting and cheering for us, it felt so surreal it was amazing. "Now we have to go,2" I said and everyone went aww, "now now it's gonna be ok cause my boyfriend and his band are gonna play for you, we have been Sarcastic Lust and we are here to welcome the amazing Black Veil Brides." I shouted as Andy ran on stage, took the mic and shouted to the crowd, "And everyone give it up for my awesome girlfriends band Sarcastic Lust!!" Everyone did and they shouted even louder when Andy kissed me full on, full of passion and love. I waved to the crowd and me and the rest of my nad ran off stage. I stayed standing side stage during the BVB set and it was amazing, at the end Andy gestured for me to join him on stage again. He took my hand and then turned to the crowd again, "me and Lucy would like to thank you for being so supportive tonight and we will be outside for a few mintues in a bit to say hi and sign shit so we'll see you outside!" He said as he pulled me off stage. We got to my dressing room and opened the door and ran inside, CC, Ashley, Jinxx, Jake and the rest of my bad were waiting with a crudely drawn sign saying 'well done on your first show', I smiled and ran up to CC and hugged him so tight, I pulled away and saw Andy pouting, "Aww baby don't worry your still my favourite guy in the world, CC's just my best friend," I said before I kissed him gently on his cute lips. He smiled and said "Ok I'm happy again, we better get outside and say hey to the fans." I nodded in agreement, Andy took my hand and we raced outside to say hi. So many fans wanted picture with me, it seemed so weird to me but I knew that if I was gonna be with Andy then I would be in the public eye, so I better get used to it. One fan asked to sign her notebook, and as I was she asked me "so how did you and Andy meet?" I didn't really want the fact that I attempted suicide to be made public knowledge so I said "I was in the forest one day and him and the rest of BVB were hiding from fans and we just clicked," as I said 'clicked' I felt Andy rest his head on my shoulder. The fan just went awww and said "you two look so good together" I smiled and said thanks before I walked back inside to get to the buses parked out back. I checkedmy phone and saw that I had a text from Harry saying everyone was waiting for me on the bus, I replied saying just set off I'll go on the BVB bus and see you at the next venue, I ended the text with a smiley cause Harry was the person I've known longest in my band. We got to the BVB bus and Andy said "well I guess I'll see you at the next venue, then he kissed my cheek gently. "And you'll see me on the journey to the venue I'm coming on your bus, I told my band to set off cause I wanted to spend time with you," I replied kindly. Before I could see his reaction I waked onto the BVB bus and shouted, "you motherfuckers are stuck with me till the next venue!" I didnt even realise that all of Asking Alexandria and BOTDF were sat on the bus chatting with BVB. I walked over to the sofa next to CC, taking the last seat which left Andy standing on his own. He looked over at me and pouted again, oh how he looked so cute when he did that, I got up and gestured for him to sit in my seat, he did and I sat on his lap leaning into him. Everything was quiet whilst the bus got started and drove off, that was until Danny piped up and said "Lucy you are the best female singer I have ever heard, I mean I have never heard someone cover 'Run Free' as good as that before. And I know he wont want me saying this but Ben cryed when you sang 'Someone Somewhere'," I was in shock and if my mouth could have dropped further it would have. Ben punched Danny's are which made me giggle, "aww Ben don't be embarresed girls like a sensitive guy" I said smiling towards him. He did a half smile and then punched Danny again. I felt Andy wind his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him, Jayy took out a pack of ciggarettes and motioned if I wanted one, I smiled and said "yeah thanks Jayy Jayy," he did his adorable little laugh. "I havent been called Jayy Jayy since I was 10, but I guess by an amazing singer like you it's ok" he said smiling at me, him saying that made me blush, he noticed and I hid my head in Andy's neck letting my hair cover my face. "Hey Andy where do we smoke on here?" Dahvie asked, Andy replied with "In the back room just go down bunk alley and into the back room. Just make sure you open a window." Before anyone else moved I raced down bunk alley and into the back room to hide from my embarresment. Literally everyone followed me into the back room, I had opened a window and was sat against it smoking out the window. And came in first and sat next to me putting his arm around me, I just kept staring out the window not looking at anyone. I didnt realise until Andy handed me a tissue that I had been crying. Jayy sat on my other side looking really guilty, "I'm so sorry Lucy I was only trying to say that you are a great singer," I looked up at him and said "Oh Jayy I'm not sad or angry at you. It's just I'm really not used to being complimented, and I've only started getting compliments since I met Andy so I'm just not used to it." I leant over and hugged him with one arm whilst holding my ciggarette with the other. "How can you not have been complimented before, I mean your awesome!" James said sweetly, I looked up at him and started crying again. Andy whispered in my ear, "Do you want me to tell them?" I couldnt speak so I just nodded into his neck.

Andy explains how Lucy attempted to take her own life.

"Oh" was all anyone said


Sorry it's short but I've got something great planned for the next instalment of When Andy saved me.

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