Chapter 39

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(Francesca's POV)

"Mum, these guys saved my life. I cant kill them! You cant kill them! Have you lost your mind?" I yelled. "Hunny, we don't know these people. They could be thinking the same thing as me. You might not think it, but we could be dead by tomorrow!" Mum replied. "I have spent every second of this horrible break out with them! I can trust them. If you think otherwise, then we are leaving whether your my mum or not!" I shouted.

"Everything okay up there?" Alfie shouted from down stairs. "Yeah, everything's fine!" I called back.

"Fine, I can live with them, but if they do something in my house that I don't like, they're gone!" Mum whispered to me.

I picked up Connie and gave her a hug "It's me, Francesca. Your big sister." I said to Connie in a baby voice. "She is so cute!" I said. Mum smiled back at me.

(Alfie's POV)

"I think something's wrong!" Leighanna said. "Because of the shouting?" I asked. "Yeah, I don't feel safe here." Leighanna said. "I have the same feeling!" Sinead said. "I don't understand?" I stated. "It just doesn't seem nice here and outside looks like there is going to be herds of creatures walking past a lot." Sinead quoted.

(A few hours after the conversation)

I was worried that no one trusted the fact that Francesca found her mum, I am beginning to realise it as well. "Francesca!" I shouted. "Shut up! Connie is asleep!" Francesca whispered. "Sorry, but Leighanna and Sinead both are saying that they don't feel okay here." I said. "What do you mean, they dint feel safe?" Francesca asked. "I'm starting to feel it too, I don't really like it here. I think we need to move." I said. "I'll speak to mum, but we cant go far. We have the baby remember." She replied.

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