Chapter 1: The Rise of Zee Prologue

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Zee Pruk Panich lived the life most people dreamed of and thrived like he was born to do exactly what he was doing. He worked in the highly controversial Bl industry for the past three years when his career took him in this direction.

Zee loved modeling, but the acting was exciting and challenging, and he was good at it. He became popular quickly, each drama role more prominent than the last, gaining fans with each new drama.

His fans were dedicated but ferocious. He was surprised at just how popular he had become in such a brief time. His social media proved the devotion of his fans every day with each post.

It had always fascinated Zee when a drama was announced. Fandoms were created overnight to ship him with his new co-star.

All were assuming he would sail into the sunset with each new pairing. Zee took immense pride in sinking those ships whenever possible.

The actors who worked with Zee knew this was his modus operandi and why. They knew their days were numbered when he began his blitz attack on their ship.

They did not care. They knew going in that they could be set adrift at any time. There was always a chance.

They all hoped they would be the one Zee would choose as his faen. No one has managed to touch his heart, but not from a lack of trying.

It saddened the ones that were left behind. For them, it was all worth it for a chance to be his one and only. Well, at least to the one they had the nerve to ask.

He had never dated anyone before and never would. He had decided when he was young that he would date no one except the one he would spend his life with.

He wanted no misunderstanding in his relationship or ghosts of ex's plaguing the one he loved. This has worked out well so far.

One obsessed fan in the past could not accept Zee for who he was. He was a gay man who did not hide his sexuality from anyone.

She did not like this and was determined to have him. Nothing anyone said would change her mind.

She had made his life a living hell riling up his fans with fake information on their fictitious dating life. Any rumor that she could get away with, she would use.

She created issues daily for six months. Until one day, she just disappeared, much to the relief of everyone at DMD.

They could finally breathe and focus on other important matters. Fandoms were always tricky to juggle. Being cryptic became an art form. It was a fickle industry.

One minute they loved you, and the next, they hated you, as Zee learned during that time.

There was a fine line between love and hate in this industry. He wanted to be loved, happy, and married. His fans knew he was waiting for the one.

They cheered him on and wanted him happy. They were sorry for how they had treated him and wanted to make up for it.

They were now supporting him and wanted to help him look for his true love. But they wanted new dramas, and they kept their ships.

They knew Zee would have to destroy them, but they were happy to have a moment where they could dream he was happy.

Still, his lifemate refused to appear. He was ready. It was time. He needed him. Now he just had to find him.

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