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Sext: I can still see your teardrops on my pillowcase

Sext: my heart still hurts when I lie in the indent where your body once was and your hands held onto mine, but now you've found a new bed to lie in

Sext : I can't look up at the sky without thinking of your eyes

Sext: every cut hurts as much as the heartbreak I endured because of you

Sext: I can't listen to my old favorite songs anymore, because when I do I always hear you singing along

Sext: thoughts of you rot my mind every night

Sext: do you think of me when you're lying next to her?

Sext: if this is love, why do I feel so empty inside?

Sext: the feeling I get with you is not pleasure, but not pain. It's not happiness, nor sadness, it's not anything. You are nothing, together we are nothing, and the feeling is madness to me

Sext: will I ever get to see the way you wake up in the morning with sunlight shining on your face and innocence dancing in your expression?

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