⏤͟͟͞͞☆ SECRETS UNFOLDING. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

    My breathing starts to slow down, when seeing the Grabber slowly open the yellow folder.

    Gulping, my grip on my rocket tightens.


    He did it.

    He opened the folder....!

    But, I couldn't see what was inside. He wouldn't show me.

    Growing anxious, I say

    "What's inside?? Let me see!" I demand.

    "Okay. Here you go." Snatching the folder, I close my eyes.

    Taking a deep breath, I open my eyes.

    Looking down at the folder, I gasp. Dropping the folder to the ground.

    The photos, flying out of the folder.

    The Grabber chuckles,
    "See? I told you. I was always here. I never left." He say's.

    Inside the folder....there was photos, of me. And the others, on there last day's. Before they ended up missing....

    Photos from when I have Griffin the books....

    ....When I said hello to Bruce, when I was with Finney....

    ....When Vance was being taken by the cop's....

    ....When Robin was supposed to pick me up....

    ....And when I was talking with Billy....

    This whole time....my entire life....dad was stalking me.

    He was always here.

    "You were always....here." I say, in a shaky tone.

    "Mhm! See? I wasn't lying! I've never left." My leg's stopped on me, causing me to fall on my knees.

    I was speechless.

    The Grabber tilts his head,
    "Why aren't you saying anything? Shouldn't you be feeling relieved, knowing that I haven't left?"

    Relieved? What I'm feeling is nothing close to being 'relieved'.

    Shaking my head, I say

    "Stop. Stop it. I can't....believe this."

    "Stop what? Well, anyways! I've also seen your brother, before! I was contemplating whether I should talk to him, or not-"

    "You better not do anything, to him." I threat,

    The Grabber just stares at me.

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