Chapter Four

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As hard as he tried, Calem couldn't think on an empty stomach and the pain from his eye wasn't helping his concentration, either. He needed to get his copy done, and soon. The press wouldn't wait forever.

"I have placed the order. Do you want me to pick it up?" Janice asked.

"No, I got it. I think I need to pick up some painkillers too. If I don't clear my head soon, I'm going to screw up this deadline."

Janice switched out Calem's bag of ice and frowned. "It's really no trouble. I'm not sure it's wise for you to go back out there so soon after... you know."

"I got punched in the face by a famous action star."

Janice winced. "Yeah, that."

"I'm not getting anything done here. I know you're keeping on top of things. A walk to clear my head, some food to silence my stomach, some aspirin to kill the pain and I should be back on track."

Janice surrendered. "If you say so."

When Janice left, Calem closed his laptop, locked the door to his office, and changed into his gym clothes. When he got to the elevator, he zipped his hoodie, threw the hood over his head, and put on his newly acquired shades. 

Once inside he hit the button for the ground floor and shoved his hands into his pockets. This has been one hell of a day. Calem knew he must get his mind back in the game but all he could think about was that kiss. 

His fingers ran over his lips. He would swear he could still feel them tingling from the electricity he and Evelyn Quinn created.

"Get her out of your mind, Decker. She was using you, you moron. You were just a pawn to get back at her fiancé." 

That was a sobering thought. 

Calem walked the several blocks it took to get to Ricco's Flippin' Burgers. They had the best portobello mushroom burger he's ever tasted. Calem's mouth began watering just thinking about it.

The door made a tinkling bell sound as he entered the shop. The young teen girl at the counter looked up and smiled.

"Order for Decker," Calem announced.

The girl grabbed the bag from the back counter. "You've had an interesting day," she taunted handing the bag over to him. 

"Interesting? I guess you could call it that." Calem gave over his debit card to pay for his sandwich.

The chime rang again and the girl's eyes lit up. "I think it's about to get even more interesting."

Calem wondered what she meant when the teen gave him a cheeky grin and nodded toward the door. Peering over his shoulder he saw none other than Evelyn Quinn standing in the shop. 

What in world was she doing here?!

"Thank you," Calem said to the teen. He took back his card, grabbed his bag, and walked right past Evelyn, out the door.

Calem half expected her to stop him on the way out. Perhaps it was his ego hoping she'd recognize him but why would she when he was walking around like a hungry Unabomber, without the mustache?

Calem shook his head. "Get a grip, man," he mumbled to himself. "She wasn't there for you."

"Calem! Calem Decker!"

Calem was about half a block away from the store. The teen behind the counter must have said who he was. As much as he wished to be recognized, to feel like they had some sort of connection, this was bad. He picked up his pace.

Calem then heard the tell-tale click of a woman running in heels. Evelyn was trying to catch up. 

Seriously? What was with this woman?

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