"Don't ever let anyone make you do anything you don't want to," A weak voice filled the room with faint echoes and our hearts with melancholy.  "You need to learn to take a firm stand."

"Yes, daddy." I nodded lightly, taking my ailing father's cold hand in my littler ones. "You'll teach me, won't you?" My small voice almost pleaded.

His pale lips curved into a frail smile before it quickly disappeared. A throaty cough followed before his eyelids dropped down to conceal the grey of his eyes.

That was when his chest stopped rising. And that was when my life would change completely.


Addressing confusion. 4/9/13

Thank you for your support on this book so far! It's been amazing. But there's been some misunderstanding with a few of the readers over the genre of this story.
Some of them have said that they were really enjoying the book until they found out that it was a fanfiction. They said that I should've stated it. Well, I kind of did in the title, didn't I? But still, this story isn't really a fanfiction.
Eventhough I have chosen one of the members as the protagonist, this story has no relevance to One Direction.
So if you're not a fan of Harry Styles, I leave it to your imagination to choose who you want your Harry to be!

Peace out, Directioners and non-Directioners alike. This book is for everyone! :)

*One more thing! Please do not advertise your stories in the comments section, it's a spammy thing to do. Thanks. :P

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