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It was a bright morning when Coral woke up, the skies were blue and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. Coral makes her bed the goes out to eat breakfast.

"Good morning everyone!" Coral said, smiling..as always.

"Morning, Coral" Everyone said with a rather..confused face..

Coral saw the looks on their faces but just ignored it and sat down. She ate her pancakes and drank her milk. She then went too the bathroom to brush her teeth. After doing that, she went back to her room

She grabbed her brush, went to her mirror and brushed her hair. Suddenly, she noticed her hair had pink tips. She ran to her mum and said "MUM!! SOMETHING HAPPENED TO MY HAIR!!!"

"Show me." Coral showed her mum her hair and then Flora gasped.

"Mum! What happened?!?" Coral asked her mum continuously.


"TELL ME, PLEASE!!!!" Coral was very impatient at this moment.

"Ok.. Yesterday, was your 11th birthday and...some special people, like you receive your powers at the strike of midnight, on the night of your birthday. And when you woke up, your hair must've changed. It's a sign Coral."


"You're....a.. Mermaid..."

"What...?!? I'M A MERMAID?!? YAY!!!!! EEEK!! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! Wait..if I'm a mermaid..either you or dad is one too.."

"I'm a fairy..and your father is a wizard. Your grandma was a mermaid and your grandpa was a...vampire. He killed your grandma.. The reason we have magic is because of your great, great, great, great, great grandparents. Carol is a fairy and Angel is an angel. Cody is a trained vampire, so he won't bite you or do anything that will harm anything or anyone and finally, Corey is merman." Flora explained..

"Wow!! I never knew our family was so..magical!" Coral started jumping up and down and dancing around the room.

"But your cousin, Lyric wasn't born with powers, so now..she's trying to kill our family..somehow"

"Who's Lyric?" Coral asked with confusion.

"She's Musa's daughter and Musa is my sister. Lyric was meant to be born as the fairy of music, but no..she was born as a normal girl with no powers. When she found out you were born, she wanted to kill you. She's 21 now."

"She must be scary.. Well anyway, can I go for a swim??? Please??" Coral begged her mum.

"Ok, but you must bring someone with you, and you must be very careful of what you do."

"Ok mum! But who should I take?"

"Maybe take Corey and he'll help you in the water since he's a merman"

"Ok!! Thanks so much mum!"

"Haha no worries."

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