Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Spiderman?

"Are you even listening, Alex?" I asked him.

He looked up from his phone. I was sadly the one who tutored my seatmate. Apparently, he's the bad boy of the school, and also the number one player. And being his seatmate, I was the one taught him the lessons. And did I mention that we were best friends?


Then we were. For six fricken years.

I was teaching him basic algebra (that I mastered in the fifth grade), but he wouldn't even pay attention.

Yeah. Nerdy girl has been best friends with Mr. Player. Cliché love story. That's what everyone says. But I'm only there for him as a guide in life.

After a few years, Alexander Chase, can leave me, Savannah Winters, for another best friend. We all know that that's gonna happen. Well, duh. A nerd and the player can never be together forever. That only happens in stories.

"You teaching me or not?" Alex asked me with an annoyed tone.

"Sorry." I said. "I just..."

His face turned soft. He knows that I zoned out a lot, and I used to cut, and that's why I'm taken to theraphy.

But he still stayed by my side even though.

"You know," He started. "You should really focus on your theraphy."

I sighed. "As much as I wanted to, I just can't. And they think that I'm the only one from our family who has that."

And at that last moment, the bell rang signaling lunch.

Alex stood up and helped me with my things. He placed an arm around my shoulders and leaned on my head. "See you at lunch, babe."

I rolled my eyes. "I said that it makes girls' hearts flutter, but it will never work on me. I'm your best friend, dum-dum."

He chuckled and pulled his arm away. "You're right." We walked into the cafeteria that was full of chaos. A regular school day.

But man, was I wrong.

As soon as we entered, most of the female population surrounded Alex. Just like any other day.

I sighed and walked to the counter to order. "I'll have the tuna sandwich, and small iced tea please." I told the lunchlady.

"Here you go, Vanah." She told me. I paid for it. "Thanks." I smiled at her.

I walked to the table I usually sat it- 'the nerd table' as Alex named it.

I greeted my friends who were there and sat down next to Alyssa. "What's happening, people?" I asked them.

"Not much." Denisse replied. "Rumor has it that Alex has a new girl again."

"Really, huh?" I glanced at the popular table, and sure enough, Alex had his arms around a different girl. I caught his eye and raised my eyebrows. He just shrugged in reply.

I sighed and took a bite in my sandwich. I was completely aware of everyone's gaze on me. I looked up from eating and loked at the people in my table. "What?" I asked them. They all looked away and into their food. "Nothing." Alyssa repled.

I shrugged then went back to eating my sandwich.

"How about Spiderman?" I asked Alex. We were talking about what movie to watch for the sleepover. Apparently, his parents are going out of town, and they wanted Alex to stay at ours.

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