~ Chapter 5 ~ Kakashis feelings

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Sakura whimper a little and bite her lip as she look down on him. Kakashi kiss her perky breast as he squeeze the other and look up at Sakura.

"Don't worry...sakura..."he says trying to control himself as his cock grows hard, he goes up and kiss her lips gently. She's so beautiful but..he doesn't wanna hurt her.

"I-i like you..." he says and look serious in her eyes as he pin her against the wall.

"Sensei.." she whisper slighly and look nervously back in his eyes.

"I've always had some other feelings for u than just as my student." he says as his hand draw over her hair.

Sakura stare at him and butterflies flies around in her stomach, is this real? She hasn't never allowed herself to think of him like that, althought she knew she always had feelings for him, she look down at his body....hehe...and what girl can resist that?

"I..." Sakura whispers slightly but Kakashi just takes his hands on the wall over her and lean in and kiss her lips gently.

"You can answer that later." He whispers seductive in her ear after they lips got seperated and Sakuras stomach feels like it's going to flip out.

Kakashi takes his hands down on her hips again as he still pin her up against the wall with her legs around his waist, he lean down and suck on her neck, licking and kissing her passionately. To think that Sakura actually got to see him without his mask is trilling but now this and those tastefull lips are touching her bare skin, will she be able to handle this? Kakashi take his hands around her breasts again and kiss her colourbones as he gets more excited. He takes his fingers around the hem of her pants and begins to pull them down as he gaze at her body. She blush hard becoming like a little girl when Kakashi look at her that way, he pull of her pants just leaving her in her panties and headband on her head. He back away and look at her with lust in his eyes as she examines his muscular chest with her eyes and blush hard.

"W-why do you look at me like that?" Sakura says slightly and take her arms in chest hiding herself.

"Thinking what i should do with you" he says and smirk, oh hell..that smirk she thinks as she watch him, but then realise what he said but before she answers he's already touching her body again, on his way with his hands down to her panties, Sakura whimper, they shouldn't...shouldn't be doing this...she take her hand and stop her hand, but he take her hands and pin them up against the wall and look serious in her eyes, her heart pounds fast.
"Am i going to have to tie you up?..." he whispers in her ear and her body becomes paralyzed.
"I know you want me too, but i do also know you think this is probobly so inpropriate, but i can't stop myself, Sakura..." he says with a little sad voice but still with his desire.
"So please don't make me have to, tie you" he whisper again and nibble on her hair and Sakura loosen her strenght to show that it's okay and he smile and kiss her lips again warmly and Sskura give a warm smile back too. He pull her body against his and take his hand down her panties and explore with his fingers as Sakuras heart pound fast and she bite her lip and strech her head back just a little and gasp.

Kakashi take his finger on the hem again and pull down her panties as he pull their bodies closer, feeling each other. He takes his hands down her back and grab her ass and kiss her lips roughly. Sakura take her hand around his jaw and kiss him back and they twirl they tounges around each others for a long time until he back off again and pull of his pants, revealing his boxers, omg...he's so handsome...she blush hard and emberresed as her eyes also gets filled with lust, he take the hem of his boxers and pull them off too, revealing his boner and look at her and close in to her again and her face becomes red and her body gets warm of his vicinity.
"Are you ready?" he whispers and grab her ass again.
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