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Tae:so shall we start baby

Kookie onn kannadachu..cheyunath theto sheriyo enn swayam chodichu...thetanen avalde manas paranjkondirunu pakshe avalk avalde tae chetanod no parayan thoniyila...she take a deep breath and nod yes


He smirk internally...

Tae(mind):finally....the day i have been waited for long time has arrived 😏

Avan kookieyude waistlode kai itu avale koduthal thante njenjod cherthu...she just looked at him


He kissed her...kissed her aggressively...he suck bite and eat her lips..she tried to respond but fail karanm athra aggresive ayirunu its not out of love its out of revenge pakshe enthkondo kookiek ath manasilayila..he started to bite her lips aggressively and it started to bleed....avlk swasam mutan thudangi...she started to hit his chest but athine kond veliya use indayila..he eat her lips more..aval vendum avante njenjil adichu he locked her hands behind with his...


She started to speak in between the kiss..he pull her more closer...kookiek otum patilen manasiya sheshsm aval avlde sarva shakthi eduthu avane thalli...

Kookie:(breathing heavily and wipe the blood coming from her lips)


He looked at her..her lips were bleeding eyes were filled with tears

Tae:kookie iam sorry(cup her face)

Kookie;(breathing heavily)

Tae:kookie(make her sit in bed)

After 5 min

Tae:are you ok

Kookie cheruthayi onn pedichu but somehow she nodded

Tae:thats my girl..i know you are strong(pat her)


Avan pathiye avalde azhinju kidakuna mudi othuki vechu and kissed her neck..


Her morning turn him on..she fell in the bed..he hover over her and started to lick suck bite and eat her neck...she tilt her neck so that he would be comfortable...

Tae:you taste is so good(biting harshly)

Kookie:mm~~(morn out of pain)

He stopped it and look her...aval pathiye kann thuranu...she was totally in mess under him this is were he lost..he started to tore her dress without her permission...kookie nannyi pedichu but she doesnt stop him..she let him whatever he want...he tore her dress, inner wear and remove his dress too..kookie looked his muscular body..she gulp her own saliva...he look her chest lustfully...avnte notam kand aval kai kond chest marichu

Tae:why are you hiding...i want to see it..this is the most beautiful view i have ever seen


Tae:kookie i want them..can i?


Tae:please....let me taste it

Kookie pathiye avalde kai maati..he look them

Tae:i cant control any more

With that he attacked it with his mouth...he bite them harshly...


Tae:iam sorry

Her chest started to bleed...kookiek body nalla pain anubavapetu but deep inside she is also enjoying his touch...so avalk stop cheyan parayan thoniyila...he move towards her stomach and sqeeze it...

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