Chapter 11

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The months went by and mom got worse. Cam couldn't do anything when he wasn't there. Every time Nash sees me he gets sadder and dosnt talk. It's like he blames himself. I have scars on small places in my body but it's not the abuse I'm going through that's hurting me it's seeing Cam and Nash so upset and Hayes. I think he knows. But I'm going to keep playing along as if he dosnt.
Cam stared at me In The mirror shaking his head. I had a bruise under my eye for talking back. She threw a pan at me. then he walked out saying nothing. I layer in my bed and stared up at the ceiling fan. Why me? Why am I getting hurt but it's affecting more people instead of me?
I walked past Nash and cam sitting at the bar. Nash's eyes along with cams were on me the whole time as I walked by. Nash looked down at the counter shaking his head. I began feeling self conscious. I cover up all my skin now. With sweatshirts jeans etc because I don't want anyone to see if it upsets people that much. The scars on my face though.. I can't hide. Make up only goes so far.
*weeks later*
"Collete." Cameron said through the door frame. "I just talked to dad and he said if you need anything you can stay with him."
"You told him?" I asked
"I had to c." I didn't feel like arguing I just layer back down and nodded. California. Away from my mom away from everything. But Nash. I couldn't leave Nash. Or any of them. But the offer was so right it was burning me alive. I needed to talk to someone about it. Nash. I picked up my keys and started the car heading to Nash's house. The bruise visible on my face. But I didn't care. When I got there I knocked three times
Jack G came to the door "hey Nash it's Collete!" He yelled.
"What?" I heard Nash gasp. When I walked in there was smoke everywhere. Pills and weed all over the table.
"You-you promised you quit.." A few years ago he did it for a long time then he promised me he would quit we were just bestfriends then but a promise is a promise.
"Collete look."
"I came to ask you if I should move to California with my dad..." I sighed his face fell and my eyes teared "I guess I know my answer now."
"Collete!" He yelled ravening after me I stormed down the porch steps into the yard. He was there and he grabbed my hand "Collete-"
"No!" I pushed him off of me crying "your not supposed to keep this from me! Were bestfriends I'm your girl friend Nash! What-what were you thinking.."
"I can do drugs if I want to Collete." I stared in disbelief and couldn't say anything
"Your right. You sure can." then I sat in my car turning the key. Tears streaming down my cheeks. He stood there stareing at my car. I pulled into an abandoned parking lot. dialing a number in my phone. "dad..."

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