Chapter 9 ~Jacob Day!

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Chrissy POV:

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock the clock went. My little prank backfired well kind of it got someone I'm not to fond of so yes! They'll be smelling like rotten eggs for a week and by they I mean my ex boyfriend. How did my prank backfire you may be wondering well I got detention. Alone. I guess the principal wasn't in his office when I glued it shut so he kind of saw me do the things. What sucks is I got detention alone. No future wolfs or best shy friend in here with me. What's even worse is that I've been staring at the clock for thirty seconds now and I swear it keeps moving backwards.

"Okay Christian I'm gonna let you off early I've gotta be somewhere in ten minutes so go ahead" I turned my head to the teacher then as quickly as I can got up and ran out of the room. I survived! Just kidding I always survive detention. It's kind if like a hobby now but I hate it.

I walked into his garage it was dark, he told me to meet him here, but where is he?

"Shit" I cursed as I bumped into something "Jake? Where are you?" I asked looking for a light switch, with no luck. Fuck! I keep bumping into things.

"Boo! Ah Fuck!" Someone snuck up on me. I screamed as I swung at my attacker. Suddenly the lights came on, my hands went to my face covering my mouth in shock.

"Jake? Oh my gosh! I'm sorry you can't sneak up on me like that!" I apologized. He lay on the ground holding his cheek. I knelt beside him.

"You've got a mean right hook, what are you a boxer?!" I removed his hand from his cheek and saw a bruise the size of my fist on his left cheek. I grabbed his head and faced it so that I could see his cheek more clearer with the light.

"I'm sorry Jake" I apologized once more. I helped him up and dragged him outside the garage towards his house.

"What are you doing my dad will think I'm hurt and never let me leave!" He exclaimed trying to pull back I dragged him to his house by his arm with him digging his feet in the ground.

"Jacob!" Billy gasped once we were inside

"I got into a fight with Cullen!" Jake said I snorted

"Really because I saw her punch you through the window" Billy stated raising an eyebrow.

"I'll go get the first aid kit" Jake mumbled while he walked away Billy gave me a glare.

"Why'd you punch him?" Billy asked with his glare.

"He snuck up on me! And scared the crap out of me"

"He's still human you can't just go around punching people! And that's no excuse you have super hearing!" He scolded

"I didn't hear him! I think he's close to phasing, I mean he's still a bucket full of sunshine but he's quiet, too quiet" he was about to reply when I heard him call out

"Chrissy can you help me?" I quickly walked to the small bathroom to see him looking at the mirror frowning. "What is everyone gonna say? They can't find out I got hit by a girl! I'll be laughed at" he rambled on and on I had to shut him out.

"Jacob! Listen to me!" He got quiet and looked at me "Have you ever seen me with a black eye after me and Jenna get into it?" He shook his head. "Exactly! That's because I'm an expert on hiding things, such as black eyes! First things first, we need to ice it!" I stated then pulled him into the kitchen. "Sit!" I ordered. Hah I ordered my future alpha to do something.

"But, never mind" he sighed. I got out some frozen carrots and put them against his cheek. He groaned. After a while I took it off and then grabbed my bag.

"Next, we cover it up" I pulled out some powder and a little sponge.

"Woah wait I'm not wearing makeup!"

"Yes you are if you want to hide the fact that I gave you a bruise than cooperate with me" I said before putting it on his face he sat there pouting like a dog. "and- Done!" I said then backed up looked at him, tilted my head, and smiled. "Sexy!" I teased he blushed and furrowed his eyebrows. He walked into the bathroom and looked at himself and smirked


"Just wow? Really? I worked hard to make you look perfect and if I do recall you didn't say" I started but got cut off by the sound of the door closing. I turned around and saw Jacob in front of me, I jumped again "you really shouldn't sne" I got cut off by him kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing back. I felt his tongue separate my two lips and attack my mouth, I moaned. His hands ended up on my thighs as I was straddling him. They slowly, oh so slowly snuck up to my ass and gave a few pinches and squeezes, which made me moan more.

"Jake! The Swans and Clearwaters are here!" I heard Billy yell down the hall. We quickly broke apart breathing deeply.

"I think I should" I started

"No! Stay please for dinner" he begged

"Okay only if its alright with Billy" I said he nodded and we both walked out.

"Christian? Hi Christian dear how are you?" Sue asked I smiled

"I'm fine and you?"

"I'm great thank you"

"Hello Chris you remember my kids right?" Harry questioned

"Yeah hey"

"Hi" both Seth and Leah replied

"Charlie, this is Christian Hernandez she's a big helper of the tribe and I invited her for dinner" Billy introduced

"Hello Christian nice to meet you"

"Yeah you too" I shook his hand smiling. I turned to see Jacob talking with leech lover as I nicknamed her. Jacob looked in my direction and pulled Bella over.

"Bella this is my friend Christian or Chrissy as she likes to be called, Chrissy, Bella Swan" Jake introduced not like I need to be introduced but whatever

"Hey" she greeted then blushed slightly.

"Hi" I said they began talking with one another walking away. I walked into the kitchen with Sue and Leah. Speaking of Leah I wonder how she's doing? Not so good I guess she kept glancing at her phone all night. I feel bad for her I sorta know what that heartbreak feels like. My ex boyfriend cheated on me with his ex girlfriend who he dumped for me. Its a long upsetting story that I don't want to think about.

I decided that I'll go sit with Seth, Leah is kind of scary mean right now so, plus Seth keeps trying to join Jake and Bella's conversation but they keep pushing him away, poor little Seth looks up to Jake literally Jake has been growing so much.

"Hey Seth" I saw his face light up when he saw me

"H-hi Christian" he stuttered how cute!

"Call me Chrissy everyone does" his smile widened

"Okay then h-hi Chrissy" he replied stuttering on purpose. I smiled at his adorableness. We sat talking and he began telling me one of his stories that was hilarious. I'm serious I felt like I was dying of laughter. Every once in a while I would see Jacob sneak a glance at me then frown and look back at Bella with that 'I'm so in love with you, but you don't even care' face.

"I should get going before my dad freaks" I told everyone bye and as I was walking out to leave I half expected Jake to run out and give me a kiss goodbye. But that didn't happen. Wow silly me, thinking the future alpha would like you instead of a leech lover. Whatever. I don't need him I got Paul!

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